CheriBundi Review & Giveaway! (ended)

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The wonderful people at Cheribundi were generous enough to send me a whole mixed case of their Juices and Teas! I can honestly say that they were all gone in a few days. 

Sometimes it takes regular people to stumble upon a really good thing. That’s how cheribundi™ was created: snacking on tart cherries eased a regular person’s back pain. This anecdotal cure was researched by food scientists at Cornell University who not only uncovered the benefits of
tart cherries, but also developed a proprietary juicing process so all the cherry-goodness and nutrients could be delivered in a great tasting juice.

What’s Inside

  • Fifty Cherries: Our Tru Cherry™ juice packs fifty
    cherries into a short 8oz bottle. (We know because we counted them.)
    From there we add just enough water and apple juice to make it
    palate-perfect. Of course, to create the benefits of Skinny Cherry™ we
    decrease the cherries slightly and sweeten with natural Stevia. To get
    the benefits of Whey Cherry™ into a bottle, we add whey protein.
  • Freshness: Our cherry juice is freshly pressed
    from whole cherries. Other cherry juices are made from concentrate once a
    year and then stored for months before being turned back into juice.
    Not cheribundi™, though. Cherries in the morning – great tasting juice
    in the bottle that same afternoon! That’s why it tastes so darn fresh.
  • Phytonutrients: These are the building blocks in
    fruits and vegetables, so they’re good for you. They help plants grow
    and regenerate cells properly and they just may help regulate
    physiological functions in human, too. Cherries have a powerful
    combination of these nutrients, which provides more benefits than any
    other fruit or other good-for-you foods like tea, wine and other juices.
    Whether you’re looking for anthocyanins, melatonin, phenolic acids,
    flavanoids/flavonols/flavanols (however you say or spell them), science
    is starting to show that many of these phytonutrients may have special
    properties. Some may reduce oxidative stress and fight free radicals
    while others may act like anti-inflammatories and yet others may hold a
    promise for better heart health. Of course, all the claims in the world
    wouldn’t be as convincing as if you tried our juice and experienced the
    benefits for yourself!
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Your mom was right, you
    need vitamins and minerals. But not because she said so. You need them
    because they are the foundation to a strong immune system and enhance
    metabolic processes. In cheribundi™ you’ll find Vitamin A, Potassium,
    Iron, Calcium and, in Whey Cherry™, muscle-growing B-Vitamins!
  • High ORAC Rating: The Oxygen Radical Absorbance
    Capacity rating for cheribundi™ is higher than other juices – that means
    our juice has a better ability to absorb and neutralize free radicals.
    Whether you’re exercising or resting, cheribundi™ is working hard for
Here are the juice Flavors we were sent:

Cherry Pomegranate, Cherry Raspberry, Cherry Cranberry, Cherry Blueberry, and (2) Cherry Lemonades.

The Juice that I Loved the most was the Tart Cherry Raspberry! The flavor was like nothing I ever tasted before. The mixture of Flavors is truly unique and I believe CheriBundi will rise to the top because of this. If you are Not a fan of tart juices, this product may not be for you.

My Least favorite was the Tart Cherry Blueberry. I don’t know what it is about this juice mix, but I wasn’t excited about it. I’m a sweetness lover, so maybe if it were a tiny bit less tart I’d be a fan. But hey, that’s my personal opinion!

The Flavors of Teas we were sent are:

(2) Cherry Rooibos Teas, Cherry Green Tea, (2) Cherry Black Teas, and a Cherry Jasmine Tea.

My favorite tea was the Tart Cherry Black Tea it wasn’t too sweet, but it tasted more like a low sugar juice ! Since I am not a tea drinker, none of the rest appealed to me… My sibling sure did love it! They believed that the added cherry taste added an incredibly great taste to a naturally dull tea.

Overall, The added flavor of Tart Cherries to these Juices and Teas create a whole new line of flavors that have never been tried before. Check out their website to see where you can get your own Cheribundi drinks or Enter the Giveaway below to win your own Mixed Sampler Case like mine!

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Disclaimer: A special thank you to Garian of Cheribundi for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I
received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest
and all mine. This Post may Also Contain Affiliate Links!

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