Target’s Beauty Box Review

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A couple of weeks back Target offered their first ever Beauty box! I believe they only had 20,000 or 200,000(?), but luckily I was able to snag one AND tell my friends about it. It arrived about 6-8 weeks after I ordered it ( hope their shipping time is faster next time around).

I only had One complaint about the box delivery… It said my name and address, but it ALSO said “or Current Resident”. You’ve got to be kidding me! I know it’s only $5 and I can’t expect much, but it’s still $5 that came out of MY bank account! I haven’t have a chance to take their survey or contact them. But believe me I will!
Anyways, here’s is the design of the slip that covers the white box underneath.

I LOVE the new textured looking target symbols. So much cuter than the old plain ones. The first thing in my box was a Gillette Venus & Olay Razor. This itself already makes up for the $5 I originally paid for the box, plus $4!

My Next Box Item was a Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail polish strips. This retails from $7.50 – $9.00! I noticed that this was the only item that varied in everyone’s box. I don’t like black polish, but it has glitter so I may try it with a white outfit. 

My third Product was the Fekkai Travel Size Glossing Cream (2oz) which retails for $9! I’ve never tried this line of product, but I hear great things about it. 

My Last two items were a BB Cream foil packet Sample in Light… As you can tell by my pictures, I am not Light so I think they should’ve sent a different sample. Perfume or Lipgloss samples would’ve been great! And Effaclar Duo Dual action acne treatment by LaRoche-Posay. I occasionally have a small breakout, therefore I will be trying it.

The retail value of the box was ~ $26
WAY more than the $5 I paid for the box. 
This Momma is a very Happy Camper ^_^

Disclaimer: This Post may contain an affiliate link. I purchased my Target beauty box with my own money and was not compensated in any way. All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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