Baba Buddy Review

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Bella baby Design was nice enough to provide me with one of their Baba Buddy bottle holders for me to review. They sent me a red one (How’d they know that’s my favorite color!)

I think this design is called Red dot. They do make many other colors, 2 other textures (Chenille), and even (soft with NO Dots) Animal Print! The retail price for one of these is $29.99. I tried it out this morning with Baby G. Ever since I returned to work when she was 6 weeks, she has woken up at 7am… Right when I have to get ready for work! When she started to fuss I went and made her bottle, took her out of the crib, then propped her up onto my pillow. I then inserted the bottle into the scrunchie looking band on the pillow, placed it around her neck and Voila! Mission complete!

She touched the pillow, hit the pillow, tugged a little and no matter what the pillow stayed put. As she drank her milk, I was able to get dressed quickly (TRIUMPH!)
Here’s the baba buddy from a different angle…
I know she was mad at me for putting the flash all in her face, but daddy was still asleep. The design is pretty much a backwards neck pillow that a mom who couldn’t get enough done decided to add a scrunchie loop to. It’s a great concept. 

Another Plus with this product is that due to its Softness and comfort, my baby feels soothed enough to fall right to sleep! After a few minutes here she is… Sleeping! (She never sleeps anymore!!!)
My only worry with this product is that some parents may abuse the use. As in they’ll  use the Baba Buddy every time the baby needs a bottle….even if the parent isn’t doing anything. It will take away from the parent-child bonding that all babies need. 

Besides that, I would recommend the Baba buddy to all the super busy moms out there, ESPECIALLY moms of Multiples! I guarantee you will find time to do Everything you’ve been putting off since your Babies were born!
You Can Purchase Yours Here!
Disclaimer: A special thank you to Bella Baby Design for providing me with the product mentioned in this post. Although I received this product free of charge, all opinions expressed are honest and all mine. NEVER leave baby unattended while using this product as they may choke from swallowing too much milk. The angle the baby is in relation to the bottle can cause ear infections. New Mommy Bliss and Bella Baby designs CANNOT be held liable for any unfortunate events caused by unsupervised use of this product!

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