Skip Hop Swipe Baby Wipes Case

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Looking through the web for a new travel wipes case (because someone sat on theirs which was made of super cheap plastic… Oops), I come across this beauty. It’s big and has a wide-mouthed opening…

Skip Hop is GENIUS!

The Design was the first thing to catch my eye. It has a very nice modern look to it and it has my three favorite colors ^_^ (white, red, & black)

The second thing that I noticed was that it was specifically made for one handed use. No longer do I have to take both hands off of my squirmy baby just to get a wipe! All you have to do is take your thumb and slide the big red button towards the asterisk. To close, just slide the button back down until you hear a light click sound. It’s that easy!

It Comes with a little black snap handle thingy that you can connect to your stroller handle so that you have easy access to the wipes , rather than having to dig through that huge diaper bag. OR you can snap it to the outside of your diaper bag when you aren’t out with the stroller.

One more plus is that it holds WAY more wipes than the other travel cases, It’s just a bit more Bulkier…

I’d recommend this case to anyone who isn’t satisfied with regular wipes.

You can Purchase this cute wipes travel case HERE

Disclaimer: This Post may contain an affiliate link. I bought this Skip Hop product with my own money. I was not compensated in any way for this post. All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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