Munchkin Fresh Food System

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I first learned about the chopper / steamer through Munckin’s Facebook page. I thought to myself “wow, this looks soooo cool. I gotta win one!” 

I didn’t win 🙁

But I Did get a coupon for $5 off which was good enough for me.


God bless who ever came up with concept of this design because it is so much better than taking out the huge pot, filling it up with water, getting the steaming basket out and waiting what seams like FOREVER! 

The first thing I decided to make was a carrot puree. I started by peeling and washing 1 medium sized carrot. I cut it in about 5 pieces before putting them into the chopper. As long as I put the carrot pieces into the middle of the blades, it cut them just fine. Some of the pieces at the front edge didn’t go all the way through the blades, but they Included a little comb to clean the food out of the small spaces. 

Steam Basket
I love that the food gets chopped right into the same container that is used for steaming, super easy and saves on dishes!

Next, I let the carrots cool before putting them into the Munchkin Fresh Food Maker

So far, I’ve only seen it available from

I also took out one of my breast milk bags that i had in the freezer to mix with the carrots…

The great thing about this machine is that it only has ONE button that you have to push, rather than a lot of knobs and clicking buttons.

and Voila! My Carrot Puree is Done.

whole Munchkin Fresh Food system is absolutely amazing! If you’ve been thinking about
making your own baby food but have yet to start, do it and do
it using the Fresh Food System. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars  but you will
also be giving your little ones the freshest, most natural food made with love.

Plus it’s super easy and fun

You can purchase the Fresh Food Chopper and Steamer HERE
and the Munchkin Fresh Food Maker HERE


This Post may contain an affiliate link. I bought these Munchkin
products with my own money. I was not compensated in any way for
this post. 
All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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