Infantino Squeeze Station

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The Infantino Squeeze Station!

So I ordered my squeeze station on Tuesday and it arrived the next day!

(I Love You Amazon!)

Here’s how it looks after you set up all the parts…

It’s quick and easy! Before my squeeze station it would take me 10 minutes to fill ONE pouch. I would steam and puree the baby food, put the puree in to a small sandwich bag, cut out the corner, and squeeze in to a tiny pouch with an even tinier hole. I made my own little piping bag and my own “little mess”.

The Infantino Squeeze station also includes 10 caps…

And 10 disposable pouches that you can label. These can be frozen refrigerated…

I already had three set up on the station

After steaming and pureeing my carrots with my Munchkin system, I filled one of the filling tubes. Then, I proceeded to push the food into the bag with the food presser that’s included. It fills pouches 3 at a time.

And Voila! We have ourselves a perfect Homemade baby food pouch. You can also make toddler smoothie pouches.

Yummy Carrots!

Mmmmmmmmm Bananas!  (Should have run the banana through lemon juice to prevent browning)
Your May Purchase your Infantino squeeze pouch HERE.
50 count pouch refills are also available HERE.
Disclaimer: This Post may contain an affiliate link. I bought this Infantino Squeeze Station with my own money. I was not compensated in any way for this post. All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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