Citrus Lane May 2013 Review!

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YES!!!!  Our May Citrus Lane box just arrived and we
couldn’t be more excited!  I decided to go forward and take pictures and do
the review while Baby G was asleep

Citrus lane is an amazing company that brings new, natural,
and eco-friendly parenting products right to your door every month!  The content
of each box is a surprise, but they offer some hints about that month’s box on
their Facebook page.

You can receive monthly surprises for your little ones as well just by using this DISCOUNT LINK to get $10 off of your first subscription! 
This is the inside of my 4 Month Old Baby Box…
Here’s what Baby G got:

  • Bear Takes A Trip book from Barefoot Books
    ($6.99) – This is my first time receiving a book from this company. We
    love it! My 4 month old daughter immediately kept putting her face into
    the pages and “talking” to the bears. The book is cute, colorful, fun,
    and very sturdy!  I hope Citrus Lane will continue to send these or  I
    think I’ll have to buy the whole set!
  •  Mommy’s Bliss
    Gripe Water (Retails $12.49, Amazon $10.49) – I have heard so many good
    things about this gripe water. It is a natural supplement designed to
    help relieve colic and gas. I also hear it’s great on hiccups (Which my
    baby ALWAYS has) !
  •  Green Toys Baby Keys
    ($7.99) -This is the first time I received any toy from Green Toys.
    I’ve heard a lot of good things about them.
    This is one of their newest items. I had a feeling this would be
    included a Citrus Lane box. The ring is thin and easy to grasp, and the
    whole rattle is very lightweight. Green Toys products are made out of
    100% recycled milk jugs here in the USA and they are dishwasher safe! 
  •  Last, But not least the Mommy Hook
    ($6.99) – I LOVE that this was the little Mother’s Day gift
    included for me in the box. I had already received a Mommy hook at my
    baby shower and now I get to do some double shopping! WOO-HOO! I think
    Citrus Lane includes one mommy gift most of the time and this is a handy
    one. Can’t wait to use it on my next shopping trip!

 The Total box value was $36.45 and I only Paid
$12.50 for my first order!! I am So Happy with my subscription and I
can’t wait to see what my Next Month’s box has in store!

Again, If you’re not a subscriber and are interested in receiving Citrus Lane, you can sign up through my REFERRAL LINK which will automatically take $10.00 off of your subscription at checkout.

What Was in YOUR Citrus Lane Box? What did you like? What didn’t you like? Is there any other baby and mom subscription box you like?


This Post may contain an affiliate link. It DOES contain my referral
links. I received the may Citrus Lane box with my paid monthly
subscription and was not compensated in any way.
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