Zo-Li On-The-Go Travel Formula & Snack Dispenser

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your diaper bag is anything like mine (EXTREMELY PACKED), then you know
the trouble we have to go through just to find the formula or snacks
quick enough that your child doesn’t have a tantrum.

coming across this REALLY cute travel dispenser, I had the Babies R Us
Purely Simple Formula Dispenser with 4 compartments …

using it for 3 months I just had to get a different design since both
her grandmothers just could not get the hang of making sure the opening
didn’t land in between TWO compartments. Every time I picked up baby G,
I’d notice the uneven formula.


with everything else, I went on Amazon to search for a new dispenser.
I’d heard a lot of great things about this dispenser so I decided to
give it a try. At $15 I found it a bit on the the pricey side, but I am
definitely glad I bought it!

How I feel after buying this product.

Feeding your little munchkin when you’re out and
about is WAYYYYYYYY easier with the ZoLi On-the-Go Formula & Snack dispenser. Each
one of the four individual containers keep your formula or little snacks fresh until
you need it.

The easy-pour spout transfers the formula into
your child’s bottle or the snacks into your toddler’s cup easily without spills or

The easy stacking system lets you choose how many containers
you want to take with you. One, Two, Three, or all Four. Plus, the tall
stacking design makes it super easy to locate in your diaper bag! (YAY!)

The cap screws on to the spout, rather than snapping on!

I recommend this beautifully designed dispenser to EVERY ONE!

You can Purchase your own Zo-Li On-the-go travel formula and snack dispenser HERE

This Post may contain an affiliate link. I bought this Zo-Li On The Go travel Formula and snack dispenser
 with my own money. I was not compensated in any way for this
All Reviews are Honest and My Own!

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