Help prevent the spread of illness causing germs with Lysol Germ-Cast™

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Although it feels like we’ve been in this pandemic for around 3,000 years, Lysol® cleaning products have allowed me to help keep our home *almost* germ-free. We control the germs in our home by cleaning the house ourselves and controlling who we stay with. Unfortunately, one must sometimes go outside into the germ-filled world for essential necessities. You may not be able to control the germs around you, but Lysol® Germ-Cast™ can inform you of the specific rates of new cases!

Lysol® Germ-Cast™ is a free app and web plug-in that provides daily data on flu and COVID-19 incidence levels at the county-level, as well as a three-week flu forecast. 

The app is super easy to use! I love that it offers tips and tricks to help keep our family protected from illness-causing germs. It also offers Lysol® product details — including usage tips, scent options, where to purchase, etc.

With the help of the app, I am able to pre-plan any travel activities in our foreseeable future! We can see the risks in our states of interest and decide whether it’s a risk we want to take. For example, if we were trying to decide between Florida and Arizona for a quick getaway… I’d choose Florida because the rate of new cases is moderate, whereas the rate of new cases in Arizona is severe. If I zoom out on the app, we can also see the states by color (green to red), which lets us know if they have low, mild, moderate, high, or severe rates of cases.

One thing about me is that I like to search online for different cleaning tips before I actually start cleaning. I’ve gotten so many great organizational and cleaning tips over the years – thank you Pinterest! I’ve found it’s best to clean things in sections vs trying to do everything the same day.  I love having a to-do list to keep me organized and on-track – that way I never miss anything, but nothing is overwhelming. With that, another feature of the app that I really appreciate is the schedules that they offer for daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning. You can also find room-specific cleaning ideas and tricks to help kill 99.9% of germs.

Now here’s a step by step on how to use the app: 

  1. Head over to your Android or iOS, search for Lysol® Germ-Cast™ and download in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

  2. Once you download the app, it’ll ask you a few questions to allow the app to continuously update in the background.

  3. Click on the blue locator icon and type in your city and state or zip code.

  4. Once the information is entered, you can click on different parts of the App to learn more.

Here’s a process video for my visual learners:

And with that, I hope I’ve encouraged you all to download the Lysol® Germ-Cast™ App and help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs so that we may all hopefully get back to normal living!

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