Let’s Leave Our Homes Smelling Fresh Without Lifting A Finger with Air Wick® Freshmatic Pure Automatic Spray

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Air Wick®. We received compensation and product to help facilitate this review, however, all opinions are our own.

We like to cook and bake a lot in my home. When baking a cake, we LOVE that freshly baked smell that lingers throughout the home all day. As seafood lovers, we love to cook fish and that smell is NOT pleasant. We usually boil Cinnamon or Coffee on the stove to help mask the odor, but that doesn’t provide a long term solution for the day. Sometimes, we’ll still get the smell lingering the following day. Thanks to Air Wick® Freshmatic Pure Automatic Sprays, our home is left smelling fresh even when we aren’t around!

Now that summer vacation is upon us, there’s newfound mom stress from not knowing what to do with the kids out of school and cooking multiple times a day for them. It also increases the probability of unpleasant odors in our home from camps, extracurricular activities, and swimming pools. Luckily, Air Wick® has us covered 24/7 with continuous odor neutralization in 4 new scents that we will all love and enjoy.

In case you needed some more convincing, Air Wick® Freshmatic® Pure® Automatic Spray collection reaches every corner of the room for up to 60 days of freshness. That’s 2 whole months of amazing smells when you walk into your home.

With its beautiful and modern design, you can hang it on the wall or place on a shelf or cabinet. You get to choose from three settings to achieve the desired fragrance level that suits your home and with over 15 unique fragrances to fit any mood, you can customize the scent in your home.

During key life moments (new baby, a new pet, holidays, back to school, adolescent sports, summer vacation) and the odors that
come with them, Moms can rest easy knowing their home smells great. Do you have a favorite scent?

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