Top 3 Reasons To Visit Crayola Experience in Orlando !

Child standing In front of Crayola Experience in Orlando

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Visit Crayola Experience With Family

Our latest trip to Orlando was really a sport all on its own. I made sure to really plan our days accordingly so that we would have time to do almost EVERYTHING we wanted to do.
Due to us getting in pretty late on a Monday, planning anything aside from a bite to eat was a waste of time. The next day was activity day and the first thing on our list was a visit to Crayola Experience in Orlando. Here are my top 3 reasons why visiting the Crayola Experience in Orlando is a MUST…

We were provided with Experience tickets to Crayola Experience in Orlando in exchange for our thorough review.
All opinions are 100% ours

What is the Crayola Experience? The Crayola Experience is a hands-on color experience located at the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida. It’s mainly geared towards kids however I did find myself having lots of fun. This location, along with the others that are opened or opening, feature hands-on attractions, a Crayola Cafe, and a Crayola Store. There really are plenty of reasons as to why we LOVED the store!

Reason 1: There’s So Much To Do!

There are 26 Hands-on attractions within the Crayola Experience, which all starts as soon as you walk in. The Crayon Experts say that you should plan to spend about 3-5 hours inside of this place. With all the fun and hands-on activities, I can easily see people being there a full day. Just make sure you have got the snacks and the energy on hand.


I’m not talking about the stuff you will buy at the gift shop on your way out. I’m talking about the fun, personalized stuff that you get included in your admission. From the moment you walk in, the Crayola experts hand you a clear bag with 2 tokens for you to name your own crayon and get a pack of Model Magic. Each person in your party gets one, therefore Gabs was lucky to get double the stuff.

We Named our favorite Crayon colors, then headed to the vending machine to get some model magic. The Model Magic station really does have all the tools you need to create. Another activity was the Drip Art. That piece did not last in the luggage. However, after peeling off the rest of the crayon, it looked wonderful. Aside from the creativity, we also caught the Crayon Factory show and received a brand new Baby Red Crayon! The clear bag doubles as a spot to put our gifts and creations.

I can’t forget to mention that my favorite “souvenir” was made at the Be A Star stations. We got to take pictures and literally be inside our own coloring pages!


As parents, I know you can all relate to wanting our kids to calm down just a little. The Color Playground was a hit. My child actually stayed there for a full Hour before she realized she was too tired to continue playing. We revisited the playground once more before we left to burn off a little more energy. I’d say it was a hit since she actually requested a nap!

Making the Crayola Experience our first stop of the day was perfect because we were the 1st ones there. That meant that we got to do EVERYTHING more than once before the crowds started to join in. More than 70,000 square feet of wonderful, whimsical adventures await your family at this one-of-a-kind attraction. To recap, Crayola Experience help kids and adults alike explore art and technology, express their creativity and experience color in a whole new way. 

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Here’s a Little Slideshow with more pictures from our Crayola Experience in Orlando…

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  1. We had a lot of fun there the very first time we went. Madison enjoyed melting her crayons and we got souvenirs from the shop. We might visit again the next time we go.

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