Top 8 Epic Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows for Kids

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One thing that I’ve learned about my sassy 6-year-old is how much she loves theatre. In just these past 2 years, She’s seen a total number of 13 Shows and counting! Whether you’re from New York City or planning to visit soon, this list (in no particular order) will help you decide which shows to bring your kids to…

1) The Lightning Thief: A Percy Jackson Musical – This show is filled with fun, comedy, music, and laughter. Usually referenced as a cross between Harry Potter and Dear Evan Hanson, this show is magical. You’ll follow along as 12-year old Percy Jackson tries to track down who stole the mighty God, Zeus’ Lightning bolt all while finding himself along the way. This one will only be at the Longacre Theatre in Midtown until January 5th, 2020.

2) Aladdin – If you love Aladdin, you’ll love this show. The entire performance will entrap you from beginning to end. From the bright colors of the outfits to the gorgeous lighting and decor of each set, You’ll be mesmerized. This was my Daughter’s second Broadway show ever and was in giggles the entire time that Grenie was on stage. The Special effects are everything, if not MORE than you would expect from Disney. The Upbeat songs that we know and love, as well as a few new numbers, will absolutely keep us on our feet. Though it’s recommended for ages 8 and up, my daughter enjoyed it just a few days shy of her 6th birthday. As of now, there’s no end in sight for this show over at New Amsterdam Theatre.

3) The Lion King – Another Disney classic has made it into my list due to its outstanding performance! For YEARS, I wanted to see The Lion King on Broadway, but I could never snag a pair of tickets when they’d go on sale for kids week or 2-for-1 week. I was finally able to get a pair of tickets to one of the performances and we were both in AWE! The music, the dances, the outfits, the puppetry, EVERYTHING was just pure magic! It’s filled with a few funny parts, bright colors, and life lessons. Like Aladdin, There’s no end in sight for this timeless classic. It’s also recommended for ages 8 and up, but you as a parent know what your child will or won’t be able to handle.

4) The Gazillion Bubble Show – This particular show can be seen right off-broadway in the New World Stages Theatre. This Show is suitable for absolutely all ages and is sure to put a smile on Everyone’s face! Although you’ll want to whip out your phone and take a photo of your child in absolute AWE of this performance, It is strictly forbidden as they want to keep the magic within for all audiences now and in the future. 

5) Pip’s Island – This Show is brilliantly STUNNING! It’s one of the only interactive off-broadway shows I have ever seen. It’s completely immersive which allows your child to go on an incredible mission with Pip and his friends to save their home from the very evil Joules Volter ( Science Reference… Hehehe) This show is actually the 2nd installment in its series and we thought nothing could be better than the first… Boy, were we mistaken! Since the families are guided through many elements, challenges and amazing animations within the show, there are no seats aside from some props inside. This is suitable for children 4 and up.

6) Frozen – If you’re not at all ready to Let it Go, then hurry on over to St. James Theatre for a really cool live performance of this animated tale of two sisters. Disney’s Frozen on Broadway really brings you into winter in Arendelle with our favorite characters, scenes from a mixture of Frozen and the shorts created after, and our favorite songs (along with a few new numbers.) We saw the performance for my daughter’s 6th birthday and I heard a lot of “Hey mommy, this wasn’t in the movie”, so I think it’s better suited for ages 8 and up.

7) Christmas Spectacular with the Radio City Rockettes – What a mesmerizing performance that only comes once a year. This show has been around for years, but each time brings different Christmas joy and magic.  I remember seeing this show back when my niece (now 15) was only 5 or 6 years old and being so excited to see it. I plan to take my own daughter to experience the show before it closes on January 5th, 2020!

8) Wicked – This performance provides a prequel to L. Frank Baum’s great Oz Mythology and the movie. My daughter wouldn’t stop asking me to see the show and we were lucky enough to catch a lucky break, through a friend who got us tickets to Wicked. The musical numbers were so catchy that we found ourselves humming and trying to sing along without even knowing the words. The flying monkeys looked a peculiar and might be just a little frightening to little ones so it’s best suited for ages 8 and up. However, one knows their child and you’ll most likely be able to determine whether or not they’ll be ok throughout the performance.

I will continue to add and change shows as we see them. I hope you find this list helpful when trying to decide which show to see with your family. Have you seen any kid-friendly performances on or off-broadway recently? Let us know in the comments =)

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