Best Places To be Adventurous In Costa Rica!

Girl Holding Zip Line Cable in Costa Rica

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Adventure is all about seizing opportunities. It’s also about doing things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone but doing so with excitement, Passion, and lots of enthusiasm. I seized the amazing opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with my daughter on a wonderful press trip. On this trip, we encountered many different animals, tried different types of food, and also did some crazy activities! If You plan on being adventurous, here’s where you need to go… 

Tapirus Lodge
At this lodge, located within the Braulio Carillo National Park, you’ll find adventure in the form of nature walks, Aerial Trams and more. Our Nature walks allowed us to come across many different frog and spider species that we otherwise would not have seen. The Aerial Tram was so high above the rainforest ground at some points that you could really see above the trees. We came across man different plants and flowers and even got to see the gorgeous designs of the trees that are only visible in Aerial View!

Tortuguero Canals
Depending on the water levels, you can come across many different birds, lizards, and alligators. Traveling on these canals allows you to be on a boat and take pictures of everything you see. We were able to catch glimpse of a white-faced monkey, Blue Herring birds, teenaged alligator, Piano Bird (due to the piano key design on its wings), and even a few Scarlet Macaws. 

This Boating trip isn’t all about the animals though… You can really take in nature and the beautiful community that does not use and land vehicles and solely relies on boats and bikes to get where they need to go.

La Fortuna Waterfall
This enchanting place is absolutely stunning! I believe it to be an adventure all on its own because of the 500 steps down that it takes to reach the waterfall and the 500 steps that it takes to get back to your vehicle up top. Inside the waterfall, you can see the water so clear and even swim with the fishes. 

My daughter had her moments of being afraid since she’s never experienced a swim with fishes she could actually see, but after a little while, it was the furthest thing from her mind.

Ecoglide Arenal Park
This place gives you a real adrenaline rush. It consists of 14 platforms and 12 canopy cables for you to zipline! If you’re like me and have never done this a day in your life, you’ll be happy to know that they give a quick zip line class to everyone before you hop into a 4×4 that takes you all the way to the top. Once you start, you won’t want to stop and if you have an adventurous soul, then this place is for you! Aside from ziplining, you can also take advantage of the epic gut-wrenching, Tarzan Swing. I have videos of us doing this and I promise it’s hilarious… (coming soon)

There are really so many more places to visit in Costa Rica that’ll make that adventurous heart of yours grow 3 more sizes. This was just a list of places we personally visited and wanted to share with you. Some of these places were so amazing that it’s only right to expand on them so look out for those posts soon! To plan your own family adventure, be sure to check out il Viaggio Costa Rica.

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