Help Accessorize their lives and Fill those Stockings with Twisty Petz !

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Yes, this is definitely a holiday post. I know what you’re thinking and I too love the holidays that come before Christmas. However… it’s no surprise that with fewer toy stores being available as brick and mortar, there will be stiffer competition to get those gifts that your child really wants. This December, I see a lot of stockings being filled with these fun adorable Twisty Petz that go from bracelet to pet figure in just a twist or a snap!

But for real, what exactly are Twisty Petz?  Well, Twisty Petz are a wearable collectible from Spin Master! In this day where kids want to collect all things, Twisty Petz gives them endless velvety, shiny, pearly, or glittery options! They transform from being a cute jeweled animal into a bracelet or necklace by just twisting or pulling. There are over 70 adorable Petz to collect!

We became fans of Twisty Petz back at the start of summer and actually ended up taking our first Magic Unicorn Twisty Pet to the Dominican Republic with us. It was the perfect in-flight entertainment for a fidgeting child. When she didn’t play with it as a unicorn, she would wear it as a bracelet to the beach. The salt and sand ended up inside the bracelets, but we were able to soak them a bit and get that out! It’s still good as new and played with all the time.

I truly love that these Petz are super engaging and Kids can sit there and twist and turn the beads to their heart’s content. If they have multiples, kids can connect them to make necklaces and even wraparound bracelets.

Twisty Petz are available at major retails for a suggested retail price of $5.99. You can also purchase a pack of three for $14.99! They are recommended for kids ages 4 and up. My daughter gave her own Minute review in her #MinuteWithGT series… Enjoy!

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