DIY Elena Of Avalor Pencil Toppers + a DVD Giveaway!

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It’s Back To School time again and what better way to get started on having the most unique school supplies than to Do It Yourself? We’ve teamed up with Disney to create some truly fun and incredibly easy Pen and Pencil toppers that will make your child’s accessories stand out. There’s also a Giveaway at the end for a Copy of Elena Of Avalor’s new adventure, ELENA OF AVALOR: REALM OF THE JAQUINS.

To help get started on this craft project, we received an awesome Elena of Avalor Stationary set which included, pencils, pens, a glue stick, stencil, eraser, sharpener and some paper, all packed inside a beautiful Elena Stationary holder. The set is COMPLETELY optional in this project, but I just had to show you guys… Anywho, you will need:

* Foam craft (boards? paper? not sure what they are called)
* Pencils
* Pipe cleaners
* Smilemakers (the best Stickers, Any characters)
* Foam stickers
* Pom Poms
* Scissors
(GLUE is optional)

Sticker Image Pencil Topper

For these, you’ll want to select your favorite stickers. One sticker per Pencil. Once you have your sticker, you want to place a pipe cleaner in between the sticker and the crafting foam like I did below. This will allow you to wrap the topper around your pencils at the end. Now, you can either cut the sticker out as-is or add some curves and shape to it like we did. Once it’s cut, wrap the pipe cleaner around your pencil. the bottom end will be a bit sharp so grab your favorite foam sticker, add a dot of glue, and cover that end by wrapping that sticker around the pencil and Pipe Cleaner…

Voila! That’s 1 style down. Now we’ll get a bit more creative.

Elena of Avalor’s Magic Scepter Pencil Topper

For this one, we went with two different Scepter toppers. The first one is the 3D Pop-Out Topper which uses only a Pipe Cleaner and a pom pom. Grab the Pipe Cleaner and make a small circle leaving one end really long and twist the seal. Next, bring over the long end of the pipe cleaner to form a cross at the top of the circle and twist it over ONCE. Now what you should have is a round cage with a long pipe cleaner stem. Sort of like a Lolipop… Now insert the Pom pom in the center and Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil. Add the foam sticker to the end to seal and you’re done.

For the Flat 3-D Scepter, cut out a 2D diamond shape. Place a leftover sticker on the back of it (with a pipe cleaner in the middle) and cut to shape. Add yellow pieces of foam stickers that you cut down to form the holders. Finally, Wrap the pipe cleaner around the pencil and you are done!

Now it’s time to show off your artwork and earn 5 extra entries into the giveaway by posting an image on Instagram and tagging @Crafty_Mommy_Blogger as well as using the Hashtag #ElenaOfAvalorPencilTopper

Now for the Official Entry…

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Disney. All Crafts and opinions are our own!

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