How To Be Fancy with Nancy & Gabby! #FancyNancyEvent

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You may be wondering “who is this Nancy?” Well, Nancy, a.k.a. Fancy Nancy is a girl who brings the fancy to everything from her advanced vocabulary to her creative, elaborate attire, and so much more.  Her new show on Disney Junior shows the stories, geared towards kids ages 2-5, which have an underlying theme of self-expression, originality, and love of family. All of this while teaching a few words from the French Vocabulary. So now that you are familiar with Fancy Nancy, Let’s learn how to be Fancy… (In the Views of a Gorgeous Doll and 5-Year-Old Duo)

1) Get The Doll!

According to Gabby (the 5yr old) You just can’t be fancy without a doll who wears a Tutu. Thanks to Jakks Pacific, Their creation of the My Friend Fancy Nancy™ Doll was enough to tip you over the Fancy scale! We were excited to get this fully articulated doll who is dressed in her signature outfit from the Disney Junior television series — leggings, shoes, and tiara that are removable for fashion play! There are plenty more variations of the Fancy Nancy dolls due to come out this fall, so I’m sure you’ll find the perfect doll for your Fancy Little Miss…

2) Wear a Tutu.

When I think fancy, I think about sparkles, shine, and elegance. When Gabby thinks about fancy, she sees Tutus. Tutus are the surefire way to truly be Fancy! It’s safe to say that we own more than 12 colorful Tutus.

3) Go On Adventures…

Whether you are finding adventure via airplane or searching for adventure in your own backyard, It’s all the same when it comes to being fancy. You may be asking how, well it’s easy. Travel and adventure lead to new surroundings, which leads to new sights and learning new things. Learning and education are Fancy don’t you think?

4) Keep a Smile~

The Fanciest way to be Fancy is to keep your best Fancy Smile… No matter what you are doing or how your day is going. Stay true to yourself and always make your smile shine bright…

There you have it, friends… These are the top 4 ways that You Too can be Fancy just like Fancy Nancy and Gabby!


We received this doll as a sample in order to help facilitate this review.

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