The Truth about Playing with Enormous Zits… Ewww!

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This post was created in partnership with NSI International. All opinions are our own.

Yes, You read my title correctly. It may give some of you a queasy feeling, but others may genuinely want to know what the heck I’m talking about. In today’s society, people love popping pimples and zits. There’s a calming and addictive effect of this trend and it’s growing as we speak! (The Trend, not the pimples …. or both?) Did you know that popping pimples actually relieves stress? I guess this is why companies have started to create similarly disgusting, yet satisfying toys like this one… Zits (EWWW!) Pop n’ Play Pimples.

I asked for the help of my 5-year-old to test out these weird Zits. They are essentially Stick-On Whiteheads that allow your kid or yourself to completely gross people out. At 1st when I opened the package, It didn’t look like much to me. Being in the packaging made the “zits” settle so I quickly realized I had to pretty much shake or swoosh around the “Zits” to reactivate the ingredients and make it a milky white color again.

After peeling the backs and sticking the Zits on, it was time to Pop em. My kid knows nothing about pimples except that mommy gets them sometimes, so when I asked her to pop it, it was a little difficult. I assisted her in her popping adventure and boy was it satisfying!

I was CRACKING UP at my daughter’s reaction because we heard the popping noise and then it oozed down her little nose. The “puss” inside is completely Non-Toxic and has the consistency of glue slime. 

Here’s a little word from the NSI President:

“Kids have loved anything disgusting since the beginning of time,” says NSI President Frank Landi. “Whoopie cushions date all the way back to medieval times, and plastic poop has been around since the 1950s. Every generation has its own spin on gross toys. We wanted to go where no toy has gone before and still be fun! So, ‘we got Zits!’ “With slime hotter than ever, we thought it was the perfect time to create the ultimate toy mash-up – adding some play compound to the thrill of pimple popping and the satisfaction of popping bubble wrap,” Landi says. “The result is the most disgustingly amazing toy ever.” 

Want to get your own Zits EWWW! Pop ‘n Play Pimples? They come in several sizes and are being sold in Packs of 20 for $5 or a massive party pack of 100 for $19.99 at You can also find them at your local Walmart and Amazon.

0 thoughts on “The Truth about Playing with Enormous Zits… Ewww!

  1. Oh my goodness…. This looks a little gross to me LOL but.., I have two boys who would absolutely love the gross factor! I’ll definitely pick some of these up for them! Daisy

  2. I'm amazed at some of the products children really like. Your daughter looks so cute in her eww state. I know my grandchildren will have to have these just because they mimic something gross!

  3. wow this is most definitely an interesting trend. I keep seeing it on my youtube video feeds of people trying pimple popping toys. Not sure if its for me tho lol.

  4. Oh my goodness, I think I may be just a bit too squeamish for a game like this. I have some friends who would enjoy it – I'll have to let them know that this exists!

  5. Oh god this is gross. I get that kids loving disgusting things but why invent something just for that ahah! your daughter looks cute and i am sure kids would love zits but i am not sure i'd be thesefor them!

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