Reason why Candy-flavored Bubbles will make you the best Easter Basket Parent!

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This post was created in collaboration with Little Kids Inc. All opinions are our own.

We Love Bubbles. When it comes to outdoor fun activities, bubbles are always a go-to because kids can blow them, run through them and just overall enjoy them for hours! Now… They can even taste them. With Easter being TOMORROW, here are a few reasons why this quick Candy-Flavored Bubble Pick up will make you the Best Easter Basket Parent ever…

Earlier this month, Little Kids Inc. announced a line of sweet-themed bubble products inspired by the season. They brought out the perfect Easter basket stuffers. New PEEPS®, Jelly Belly®, and Candylicious® Candy Shoppe Bubbles products are the ideal candy-alternative that parents will love – and delicious flavors that kids will eat up.  There’s an assortment of flavors that make it simple to find one your child will love.

If you’re like me, you want to stay away from the sweet treats that can rot your little one’s teeth. And I know that you don’t really want a bunch of small trinkets and toys that your kid will leave out of the floor for you to step on in the morning. In filling their baskets with Candylicious bubbles, Your kids get something they love together with something they can eat!

To fill our Easter baskets, I have Candylicious® Bubbles Chocolate Bunny, Candylicious® Bubbles Candy Shoppe in an adorable gummy bear design with cherry-flavored bubbles and Even a PEEPS® Grow a Peep which turns into a Bunny or Chick. 

Chocolate and Cherry are my kid’s favorite flavors so I know she’ll be obsessed with the flavors, scents, and tastes. The Grow -A- PEEPS gives us something to do after the Egg Hunts are done.

There are so many more variations of bubbles available to truly make your Basket one of the best your child ever got. These can be found at Five Below Stores, Target, Amazon, BJs and Walmart!

Let’s Chat: Have you ever Tried Candylicious® Bubbles? What’s your favorite flavor?

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