Kinder Joy ™ Is Finally In The US… REJOICE!

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This post was sponsored by Kinder® but the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Kinder Joy is finally in the United States! I’m Excited, My kid is Excited, and I’m here to introduce to you the most fun and coolest treat that was once very hard to obtain!

* Caution: Deliciousness Ahead *

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were invited to a launch event for Kinder Joy to celebrate its availability in the United States. I know that no one should eat sweets before Lunch, but we just couldn’t resist taking a crack at these cool Egg-Shaped treats!

I handed one to my daughter and she opened them. On one side was a cool toy that we had to build while the other side contained a delicious milky cream and a cocoa cream, with two crispy wafer-balls! I was very happy to see that Kinder included a fan-shaped scoop for on-the-go eating!

Let’s talk about the toys…

There are plenty of different toys and some toys incorporate the packaging! Out of all the toys that my daughter constructed from her Kinder Joy Treats that day, my favorite was the magnifying glass that she had to attach to one half of the shell to create a portable magnifying container. It was perfect for picking up some tiny stuff in nature to discover on our way home.

If you are still wondering about Kinder, The brand has been around for over 50 years. Kinder has been creating products with guaranteed quality and unmistakable tastiness, designed with kids in mind. In the Middle East, Kinder has been present since the early 1970s! Today, the Kinder brand is well-known all across Europe and is expanding rapidly around the world, recognized for the variety, quality, and creativity of its products. Built on 50 years of history, Kinder remains a forward-looking brand, confident that its core values are not limited by time or geography. Their mission is to support parents in accompanying their children’s development by enhancing the happy moments in their lives.

Show the brand that we appreciate their mission and head out to buy your own Kinder Joy Treats!

Are You excited about the Kinder® Brand coming to the United States?

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