Be Prepared and Follow Me To School! #MomTrendsSchool

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We were invited to this event as media and received gift bags for attending.

Everywhere I turn, there’s talk about school! My planner still has a few summer activities on it, but we KNOW school is sneaking up quickly. To prepare us for what should be a super busy PTA meeting-filled year, MomTrends invited us to mingle and connect with brands whose plan is to make our lives as parents a bit easier.

As always, MomTrends likes to give us small challenges at the start of the event and on this day it was to pack up and photograph the ideal Lunch bag with the best snacks available! The 1st station was at TWELVE little to pick up our lunch bags. We got to choose Iron On Patches to put on them. I thought a Princess Ice Cream cone was ideal for a fresh start don’t you think?

To fill our lunch bags, we walked to each station to see what delicious snacks they had to offer. Nosh! was the first stop where we got to see their line of teething wafers and Melt-away rice puffs for baby, Organic rice snacks and Freeze-dried Fruit Puree for tots. Delicious and nutritious for everyone. Did you know I got to find something that I didn’t even realize I lost?? All because Name Bubbles had our names Stuck on it.

The Lost & Found station was too cute and so fun to rummage through. With there is NO WAY your kid’s stuff will be missing for long.

Kite Hill was also in attendance with delicious Dairy-free products including artisan delicacies, nut milk yogurts, dairy free probiotic drinks, and pasta. They a soft fresh Truffle, Dill, and Chive spread made from artisan Almond milk. 

Next to KiteHill was the loveable Orchestra USA clothing brand. Trendy styles straight from Europe to make us Swoon! If you haven’t noticed, Gabby LOVES Orchestra!

All Outfits except Pom-Pom skirt are Orchestra Brand clothing.

Their prices are definitely one to beat and the prints are just amazing! They showed off their new BTS styles and I’m certain your kid will be the envy of all fashion kids. Next in the run line was Raisels! Raisels are sour raisins that taste like Sour Candy! You’re probably thinking “what? Raisins?” YES, Raisins…

They are so delicious and perfect to combat the Sweet Tooth while still being good for you. Here are some benefits of Raisels:

  • Perfect on-the-go snack
  • Great alternative to candy, cookies and gummy fruit snacks
  • #1 ingredient is REAL FRUIT
  • 100% RDI for Vitamin C
  • A Fat-Free Food
  • A Cholesterol Free Food
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • A Sodium Free Food
  • Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union
  • A Gluten Free Food
  • Unique Flavors ( Fruity Mixed Box is my fave)
Staples had their spread of super cute Back to school Folders, backpacks, speakers, Macaroon erasers and Nail Polish highlighters.

Lastly, Ozery Bakery was ready with different recipes for us to savor. They have yummy buns for Breakfast, midday, and snack time. Their buns have no annoying Crust so your picky eater won’t have to complain and one bun is so versatile it can be a Pizza, Shortcake, French Toast or burger bun in the same day!

It was a great day to learn about many new brands and get a refresh with some old ones. With all of this, I think We’re ready for the School Year to start!

What else would you need from this list to be prepared?

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