Beyond Tablet Delivered: Is It a Game Changer or Waste of Money?

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When we walked in, it was a bit chaotic. Kids were EVERYWHERE with their hands on this huge device that we’d never seen before. It’s Technology, but mixed with board game-style games and NO SCREEN! That’s right… No Screen at all. My biggest question was Will this keep Gabby’s attention?

Let’s start off with telling you what this is. The Beyond Tablet is a smart tablet without the screen. It was created to provide a tangible multiplayer game experience for children and their parents. The starter package comes with 5 game boards: Yes or No, Happy Tunes, Happy Circus, Play Do Re Mi & Tong Tong Cha. There are also many other games that are sold separately which actually come with physical objects that your child can place above the game maps for an added gaming experience. 

Being that the tablet is electronic, it can only be played when plugged in. The plug-in is a screw on to keep it on and secured. Gabby wears hearing aids so it’s important that any game that plays sounds be one that my daughter can actually hear. In the case of the Beyond Tablet… My kid CAN hear it when the environment is quiet or she has headphones on. 

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As I mentioned before, there are PLENTY of games. Our favorites are Music Cube which is a Music game that allows players to appreciate and create music without the need for prior musical training and Lost Pyramid which is a Logic Puzzle game that improves logical thinking by using combinations of symbols and colors. Interesting Huh? Now let’s talk about the prices…

The Beyond Screen Tablet retails for $199 which is a tad bit high on the price when you factor in that there is no screen, it is NOT portable and the separate games are $39.99 – $49.99, but the amount of interest that it holds is enough to make this device worth it. If you have more than one child in your home, then this game will surely pay for itself after all the game play. If your family likes to get 1 BIG item for all the kids and a few small ones for each separately, then this will work as all your kids would be excited to get their hands on it. It’s Family Game night on a new level.

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Overall, I think this is definitely a game changer when it comes to board games. Family game night became a lot more fun and almost entirely musically entertaining! Will you be making the splurge for the Beyond Tablet?
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Disclaimer: We were provided with compensation in exchange for our honest review of the Beyond Tablet Games and attendance to the Premier Launch party for it. Opinions are always truthful and our own.

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