Alien Super Power Juice That’ll Make You Shout, Tra-La-Laaaa! #CoconutyLemonLime #CaptainUnderpants

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Have you heard the news? CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS is coming to theaters TODAY, June 2nd! To get ready for this upcoming release we have a fun recipe for a Coconuty Lemon-Lime version of the Alien Super Power Juice Drink that turns our beloved principal into the one and only, CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS!

I must state that your child will NOT be able to fly, but they’ll gain the most amazing imaginary super powers available! To start off, we will need:

* Lemon-Lime Flavored Soda

* Coconut Sorbet
* Limes (sliced)
* Green food coloring OR Lemon Lime Kool-Aid

1) Grab your pitcher or punch bowl and add 1-2 sliced whole limes to the bottom of it.

2) Add the Sorbet onto the limes. About 5 scoops for the pitcher or a whole container for the Punch bowl. 

3) This is the fun part that your kids would love doing…. If you want a bunch of Foamy action happening, then just pour in the soda quickly. If you want less foam, then pour slowly. 

4) Finally, Serve and sprinkle with Green sugar crystals on top.

Now you have the perfect Alien Super Punch for your next Tra-La-Laaariffic Party or just to have a super drink before you catch the film.

Were you a fan of Captain Underpants?

0 thoughts on “Alien Super Power Juice That’ll Make You Shout, Tra-La-Laaaa! #CoconutyLemonLime #CaptainUnderpants

  1. The Alien Super Power Juice Drink from Captain Underpants sounds interesting and good. I am going to have to watch this movie with my niece's kids and them make this drink for them. It sounds like a fun idea. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. I don't know about Captain Underpants but I am sure my nephews know about it. Hahaha Do i sound old yet? Lol. By the way, I guess I will also share that super punch to my nephews.

  3. This looks super refreshing and perfect for the kids! I'm sure they're going to be excited about the movie and they're also going to love this drink very much!

  4. Oh I am taking my kids to check out the movie this weekend I have to see if I can make this for them for when we get back I know they will get the biggest giggles. Thanks for sharing!

  5. If I was younger I would love to have this but the years have gained on me and so has the sugar on my teeth, so I would say no thanks 😀 😀 😀 But if children like it and they dont drink it that often, its ok. 🙂 (Otherwise its open wallett surgery at the dentist) 😛

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