My Top 3 NON-STROLLER Picks from the New York Baby Show #MTBloggerLounge

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We were invited to attend as guest of the #MTBloggerLounge.
We received gift bags and compensation, however all opinions are our own.

Don’t get me wrong… I fell in love with MANY of the strollers in attendance of the New York Baby Show, but being that strollers are always a hot topic and readily available when doing online research for your new baby, I thought I’d give you my Top 3 picks of Mom & Baby Items that I absolutely LOVED! The following are not in any particular order…

1) Robyn Navy Origami Heart Diaper Bag- Babymel

This Babymel bag is one of the cutest and most versatile bags I’ve seen in awhile.  It’s a 4-way multi bag that you can wear as a backpack, shoulder bag, cross body or even hand held with it’s easy to use convertible strap. I was chatting with the Lovely rep who modelled the bag for me above and  the motion to convert was so swift that I barely even saw it happen! It’s Lightweight yet durable. It has a sporty unisex design finished with contrasting faux leather trim and boasts plenty of pockets to organize all of baby’s essentials. The Robyn includes an Easy-Wipes pocket which has a dispenser slot for pulling wipes through, which makes messy cleanup a breeze!

Babymel also makes children bags for toddlers + from their Zip & Zoe collection. Their Zip & Zoe backpacks include a signature Zip or Zoe keyring toy, or musical “squeeze me” tag for the younger kids. These ultra fun bags are packed full of practical features, including padded shoulder straps for little shoulders
and hard wearing machine washable fabrics which us parents will absolutely love too!

2) Canon Camera

The reason I mention Canon as one of my top choices is because parenthood opens the door for photography. EVERYTHING your little one does is going to lead you to grab your camera and capture that shot. You may be asking why anyone should buy a camera when the one on their phone works perfectly? Well, Professional cameras can capture better shots that you can really show off and even blow up to give as gifts! I take my own photos outdoors and I’ve in turn saves HUNDREDS of dollars on photo studio portraits. The photo below was taken on easter and everyone loved it. 

Canon even offers greats tips on how to photograph children. Check it out HERE.

3) BARE Air-Free Baby Bottles

These Bare bottles are really getting out there now, but i’m proud to say that I was able to test out the 1st run production of this bottle 4 years ago! That’s right, when Gabriella was an infant, I got to use this bottle and fall in love. They’ve changed many of the pieces with new material, yet the function is still exactly the same. Gabby was able to drink her milk in a seated position and had less tummy pains because of bottle being completely free of air! I also loved that the nipple resembles Mom’s breast with the suction action. If the baby sucks slowly then the milk speed will go slowly. If baby sucks more, then more will come out. Would you believe this all happens with the same Bottle nipple? No more need to purchase different stages. There IS a learning curve to understand the bottle so I suggest trying it with water first, but you won’t be disappointed.

Those are my Top 3 Picks from the New York Baby Show. There were so Many other brands that I absolutely loved, but for this post I’m just going to leave you with 3 Items. Also, I just can’t leave you without my stroller loves so Here’s a quick picture =)

Which of these items would be your favorite?

0 thoughts on “My Top 3 NON-STROLLER Picks from the New York Baby Show #MTBloggerLounge

  1. These products are perfect for mothers who are always on-the-go! The Babymel bag is just effortlessly stylish and doesn't look that bulky at all. I will definitely try to get on of everything in this post.

  2. Oh my gosh! that pink and navy blue diaper bag is amazing!!! I wish I had that a few years ago. Great products, I will be sharing with my new mom friends. thanks for all of this fun baby stuff!

  3. Oh wow, these are such amazing items! I'm no mom yet but I'm an aunt and these are things that my siblings would love to have for their children. Thank you so much for sharing all of these great items!

  4. All three of those are definitely must-haves for new moms, but I agree that the Canon is something every mom should pick up. So many amazing new memories to capture, and you want to make sure you're getting them in the best quality possible! I love my Canon!

  5. I'm torn between the camera and the air-free bottles. I definitely need a new camera. Yet, I find myself putting the little one's need for a bottle that helps prevent gas issues ahead of my own desires.

  6. Moms today are so lucky. I wish we would have had so many cool things 20 years ago. I especially liked the Babymel bag .. it's crazy the amount of things you have to carry with you. Also the Bare bottles. My daughter was colicky and I'm sure these would have been a lifesaver! x

  7. These are all such awesome must-haves! I completely agree with a Canon camera being an essential, I absolutely adore mine! It is such a great way to document special moments!

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