Preschool TV: Jungle Jim’s A Musical Wildlife Adventure ! #AmazonPrimeInstantVideo

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I don’t know about your kid, but it’s extremely difficult to get my child to try new thing. Whether it’s some type of food or a brand new show, it takes a little fight at first. We were asked to check a new 15 minute Pilot episode for Jungle Jim’s A Musical Wildlife Adventure and I’ve got my Kid’s reaction for you….

To be completely honest, Gabby was not really into the beginning graphics at the start of the show. However, Once the catchy tune picked up and she caught a glimpse of LIVE animals, she was hooked!

Jungle Jim offers original music with animals singing songs about themselves to teach kids fun animal facts such as: which animals have camouflage and why they need it. In the show, Jungle Jim explores the animal kingdom with his friends Flip the Monkey, Dash the Cheetah, Scratch the Porcupine and Stripes the Tiger.
The goal of the show is to provide worthwhile content so parents feel confident that what they are showing is age appropriate for their children. Here’s a Real Interview with my daughter Gabriella about the show:

Me: Hey Gabby, Do you like the show now? 

Gabriella: Yea Mommy, I want to go there! To the Jungle. 

Me: Ok, and which animal is now your favorite? 

Gabriella: The Porkypine (Porcupine), but I’m not going to touch the Puja (spikes/needles) I just want to see him far away…

As soon as the live animals started to appear, I knew it was a great show. Not only did my daughter ask a lot more questions, but she actually got what they were talking about. The show is how she knew how the porcupine defends itself and why you should NEVER touch one.

Parents and educators alike have praised the unique ability of Jungle Jim music videos to educate, excite and inspire. The images are colorful, the characters are pretty fun, and the music is infectious. The LIVE wildlife footage brings it all together so kids can develop a greater understanding of the infinite variety of the world around them. They will remember important animal facts because they will be singing about them together with Jungle Jim and his animal friends! 

Still not convinced? Well, Jungle Jim has gotten excellent feedback from parents. They have 488 (maybe more) amazing reviews on Amazon (not one negative review) and over 1000 amazing reviews on YouTube (also no negative reviews); families everywhere are saying how much they love the show.

As a Special Offer for my readers, If you watch the show and leave a review on Amazon, then send an email to with a link to your Amazon review, the company will mail you a FREE DVD of the 15 minute pilot!

Here’s a Link to the Show So you can love it on your own:

Will your Animal Lover 
Love this show or what?

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Jungle Jim – A Musical Wildlife Adventure. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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  1. I'm the same way. I find something I like and I stick with it. I rarely like to try something new especially when it comes to TV. I'm picky with my TV, however, it sounds like she warmed up to the new show!

  2. This app looks awesome! I definitely need to share with my sister in law for my nephew, he's a genius when it comes to smart phones and he'd LOVE this!

  3. Choosing or having something that your kid will enjoy is really hard to find. Good thing there is this one. I'll definitely share this to my mommy friends.

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