DAY 1: Spin Master Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone ! #12DaysOfGiveaways

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Disclosure: We were invited to an event and received a Drone for attending. Opinions are our own.

The holidays are here! I can’t believe this year has flown right by. We are in the last month of the year and it’s time for gift giving! For the next 12 days, we will be giving away a few of the Hottest toys this year. Hold on to your seats folks, as the 1st giveaway is sure to be a fun mission!

Pilots get ready, this mission is groundbreaking. Spin Master’s new Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone is the first to deliver an immersive augmented reality (AR) game experience where players fly a physical drone in an interactive 3D digital universe. Using a Bluetooth enabled smart device and the free Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone app, now available for download at the App Store and Google Play, players fly the Mission Drone over the customized AR tracking mat, which uses visual and spatial tracking to create an advanced 3D augmented reality world. 

I got hands on with the drone and although there is definitely a learning curve, I got the hang of it! We first tested it out in a very bright room with big windows and shiny white walls. Our home testing was surely a little different. The dull lighting makes it a bit difficult to play and really get the QR reader to recognize the mat, but with some lighting help, it’s possible! The rechargeable battery, easy portability, and fun graphics make this a top toy in my book.

Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone pushes the boundaries on RC (remote control) vehicle play by creating an experience where the digital fun of augmented reality and gaming is combined with the physical fun of controlling an actual RC drone. The result is a fully immersive, mixed reality, interactive gaming experience, where players enjoy flying the Air Hogs drone, while they are challenged to lead and pilot it and a team of heroes through endless search and rescue missions and challenges to save the world from attack by alien forces.

If you’re worried about too much drone play, the flight time will vary per player and session. On average the drone will fly for about 6-8 minutes at a time. Charging takes 40 minutes. However, Gameplay doesn’t stop when it’s time to rechatge. While charging, they can rank up their Mission Drone by unlocking upgrades and competitive advantages, sharpening their skills and earning power ups in the Danger Dome using the simulation drone and level-up your gear and equipment in HQ with over 40 upgrades. The Mission drone is now on sale at U.S. retailers, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon, for $149.99 MSRP. Are you ready to win your very own Mission Drone?


0 thoughts on “DAY 1: Spin Master Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone ! #12DaysOfGiveaways

  1. My son Logan would LOVE this! He's seen it and there's no way I can afford it. Thanks so very much for the chance to win for him! Have a blessed holiday season! Love and luck everyone!

  2. I already bought one for my son for Christmas, but my grandbebe boy recently gave me HIS Christmas list, and this is on it, so it would go to him!

  3. My daughters love these games. I will have to see if I win as to which one gets it (one is in FL and one in NJ) so it will have to decide on where I stand on gifts!

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