DAY 6: Transforming R/C Blaze & The Monster Machines! #12DaysOfGiveaways

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For day 6, we are bringing in Blaze! Blaze and his Monster Machine pals not only feature tons of monster truck action, but also introduce STEM components (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that allow our children to explore how things move and how they work. In honor of such, we are giving away a Transforming R/C Blaze!

Transforming R/C Blaze is a remote-controlled vehicle with lights and sounds that you can transform from a monster truck to a race car with the push of a button. Blaze needs to win the big race in Velocityville and he needs your help. With this toy, kids will get to explore the concept of velocity – how fast something is going in a certain direction. When Blaze transforms into a race car, he can increase his velocity, no matter what direction he’s headed. 

Use the RC wrist controller to make Blaze drive forward and turn in reverse. Hold down the reverse button to make Blaze transform into speedy race car mode. The controller can be worn on the wrist, just like AJ’s wrist computer on the show, or it can be held with two hands. Blaze also has cool phrases and sound effects for each mode. Every adventure provides children with an opportunity to discover the unseen forces that play a part in their world.

Are you ready to go from monster truck to race car and get ready for some serious Blazing Speed? 

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  1. My favorite aspect of STEM and what my grandsons are learning from Blaze is the Science aspect. They learn about velocity and things like that. It's so educational and fun to watch!

  2. My favorite aspect of STEM concepts are acceleration & trajectory. It's all happening while my girl is having watching her favorite cartoon. It is wonderful that they now have a toy using which kids can experiment whatever they have learnt from watching the cartoon! Lets blaze!!!

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