DAY 5: Singing MOANA & Friends Doll Set! #12DaysOfGiveaways

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Disclosure: We received product from Jakks Pacific in exchange for our honest review. They’ve generously offered a doll set for giveaway as well.

Who’s ready for the 5th day of our #12DaysOfGiveaways series? On this 5th day, we will be giving away the BEAUTIFUL Singing Moana & Friends Doll set from Jakks Pacific! As soon as we opened the box, I was sure my daughter would flip. The beauty and warmth that exudes from Moana is definitely reflected in this doll and I want another lucky little lady to enjoy it…

Moana is an adventurous, tenacious and compassionate 16-year-old who is struggling to find her true self. When her island is threatened by a mythical darkness, Moana breaks the rules and sets sail on an epic adventure to save her people and find the answers she’s been searching for her whole life. This doll is the PERFECT way to relive the story and adventure again and again with Moana, her loyal pet pig Pua and her hilarious rooster friend Heihei!
**Note: In this play set, Heihei has a serious face while in the movie he is cuckoo! This is due to “Serious Hei Hei” being the original idea for the movie. But after some 3D interactions created between Hei Hei & Pua, animators decided to dumb Hei Hei down to create some fun and laughter for the movie.

To work the doll, just push Moana’s shell necklace. You’ll hear her say actual movie phrases (Like when she yells at Maui) and sings her song “How Far I’ll Go” as her iconic necklace magically lights up! The movie is surely a Must See, while this doll is a MUST HAVE. Ready to win??

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  1. I loved Moana's grandmother, but I forgot her name. I loved her manta ray tattoo and how she believed in her granddaughter. I also loved Moana being such a strong willed character looking out for her people.

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