$100 Kid City Children’s Clothing Challenge and a $100 Gift Certificate Giveaway! (Ends 10/28)

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We Love Kid City! If you’ve seen our Video of our $100 haul back in January, then you know that Kid City (also known as Youngland) gives you the best bang for your buck! Seeing as Halloween is in a few short days, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and December is just right there, I made sure to view out my options for costumes, dresses and more. Let’s start shall we…

As soon as you walk in, you know it’s a kid’s world. On the wall to our right were rows and rows of costumes! From peacocks to princesses and Builders to Police Officers, you and your family are sure to find the right costume. But remember, you’ve got to keep warm under those cute costumes. Let’s chat basics.

Socks and Shorts! No matter how many packs you buy, socks always go missing and I’m not sure why. I no longer have to worry about that since I can grab some socks at just $1-$2 for a pack of 6! I also made sure to grab stockings in 3 main colors and some shorts since my daughter only ever really wants to wear shorts and dresses.

Speaking of Dresses. We found this GORGEOUS Ivory and Green dress that my daughter could wear to one of her school performances or Thanksgiving Dinner. It was actually the most expensive Item we purchased that day at $29.99!

The weather is getting chilly so it’s no doubt that you will find lots of great summer items on clearance. It’s actually pretty unbelievable that they offer clearance of anything being that their prices are so incredibly low! We grabbed some jeans and sweatshirts in a variety of colors and prints. 

My favorite brand of clothing to grab when I’m at Kid City is actually the French Toast brand. Believe me, It’s not just uniforms anymore.

As I was walking towards to register, I found a whole display of shoes and I had to do a double-take… Each Pair was only $1.99! I grabbed 3 pairs. Two for Gabriella and One for her friend. Our grand total for everything (including some stuff I didn’t show) was $100.07. 

I truly LOVE heading to Kid City / Youngland. They have great prices and their stores are located in New York, New Jersey, and even Pennsylvania! 

Now it’s time for all my East Coast readers to enter our Giveaway to win a $100 Gift Certificate to a Kid City store near you. Don’t live near one, but plan to travel soon? Well you can still enter to win since the certificate does not expire until 2017.

Don’t Forget to leave a comment Below for your Entry to Qualify!

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  1. My favorite is the Hello Kitty shirt with the zipper & the pink Hello Kitty shirt on the video! So darn cute! I also really like the "Never Perfect, but Always Awesome" shirt!

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