Preschool TV (Ages 3-6): Kazoops! Now Streaming on Netflix

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Kazoops! I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Gabriella and I were invited to take a first look at the brand new animated series Kazoops! on Netflix. The show is unbelievably cute and perfect for ages 3-6. Each episode is divided into 3 mini episodes that total out to a full 19-20 minutes of imaginary adventures. Here’s a bit more about the series…

This animated series follows the adventures of six-year-old Monty and his best friend, Jimmy Jones, the family pet pig. Monty uses his vivid imagination to challenge preconceptions about life such as “you have to wear matching socks”,  or “all games need rules” and, in doing so, demonstrates the value of critical thinking and creative play.

The first episode in the series really made me love the show. It begins with Animal Pals, where Monty wonders why Jimmy Jones is jealous of a new pet and eventually challenges the notion that “you can only have one best friend.” My daughter has a best friend in school and when it’s time to play she gets a little jealous of other kids playing with her best friend. This episode definitely has the capability to teach her that everyone can be friends and play together while still knowing that her best friend is in fact her best friend!

Each one of Monty and Jimmy Jones’ imaginary adventure is accompanied by a unique song that tells the story and guides us on their journey. The songs are vibrant, cool and fun with a variety of styles that will make you want to dance, laugh and sing. The words are really important too because they tell us about the new perspectives Monty discovers along the way.

If you’re now wondering what on earth Kazoops! means or why it’s the series title, then I’ve got your answer. When something makes Monty stop and wonder he always says “Kazoops Jimmy Jones!” so we know his imagination is firing up and an adventure is about to begin. Then after Monty tells Jimmy Jones what’s on his mind, he closes his eyes and says the words ‘just imagine,’ transporting us into his imagination, where he and Jimmy Jones go to some pretty amazing places, meet new friends and explore the preconception that got him wondering in the first place.

Whenever Kazoops! is on I have to brace myself for all the questions to come from my child. I love how much it engages children without so much repetition. Ready to meet the Family? Check out the awesome trailer…

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, it’s time to go off on adventures with Monty and Jimmy Jones! The series has premiered today on NETFLIX for all to see. To connect further with Kazoops Check out their Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Are your kids excited for this series?

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