Getting back into the School Spirit with Dresses and Varsity Jackets from French Toast Uniforms!

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French Toast Uniforms

Disclosure: We received clothing samples in exchange for our review. All opinions are 100% honest.

My mother used to dress me in French Toast Uniforms from head to toe during my elementary school years. So much has changed over the years that aside from uniforms, French Toast also creates casual clothing! If you remember our last post, you’ll see that we got some stylish spring/summer pieces that were sure to turn heads at the play ground. Now I’m bringing you the cool looks for school since it’s just around the corner…

The Canvas Safari Shirtdress is my absolute favorite! I’ve always seen it in stores and would always wish my mom would buy it for me even if it wasn’t my uniform. This shirtdress is made of cotton blend twill, Wrinkle No Moreā„¢fabric for super easy care, & a removable sash fabric belt. This is what I consider an easy style since you can make it school ready with the traditional school shoes, or make it weekend ready with a pair of sneakers that add a solid pop of color.

Gabby has worn this Safari Shirtdress about 4 or 5 times now and each time, she receives the same compliments!

How about the weather? You’re probably thinking “What the heck does that have to do with school fashion?”  Well, when school starts it is usually still hot or cooling down because it’s almost the end of summer. Keep your kid prepared with the very cute and always popular Varsity Jacket from French Toast!

We received the French Terry, Rib Knit Cuffed Printed Varsity Jacket. My daughter LOVES it and it’s perfect for chilly nights or even at school when the AC is turned up high. The print looks like beautiful Coral Reefs and as a huge fan of The Little Mermaid, you can say we are obsessed. 

No matter your kid’s style, everyone will look great in French Toast Apparel! I would love for you all to get on the site and tell us:

What’s your favorite style?

0 thoughts on “Getting back into the School Spirit with Dresses and Varsity Jackets from French Toast Uniforms!

  1. I think I'm more of a casual person, but I can't help but love the Safari Shirtdress. It goes so well with her shoes, and makes it more casual. It seems very versatile. Do they make clothes in smaller sizes, like 4t for toddlers?

  2. Lovely little school uniform,,, My babies are grown now, but we were never in a school that allowed uniforms… But I remember someone saying that uniforms are a way to keep kids from being picked on for not wearing the right style… I forget… but she is a cutie…

  3. I love a good shirt dress. My daughter has to actually wear uniforms this year so we didnt get to go clothes shopping, but we did go a little nuts with her shoes!

  4. Such a cute brand! My kids style is well…unique. They've always wanted to dress themselves and so I let them. No matter the number of prints they wear at once.

  5. That shirtdress is just too cute. It looks so comfortable and casual, it could be worn to so many functions and paired with lots of different shoes. I like to dress my boys in casual clothing like this…polos, button downs and comfortable khaki shorts. For kids, comfort is always the best!

  6. My kids don't need uniforms but my nephew wears their polo's and pants every year. Last year, my son wanted some of their shirt and pants and he loved them. He didn't have to wear uniforms but he wanted them for church. Some great clothing that really lasts a long time.

  7. I had to wear uniforms growing up for a short amount of time. French Toast is a genius brand because they make both school uniform and causal wear. Hey the kids need something to wear outside of school!

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