Rock your Back To School style with True Religion for Kids! #SITCShoppingDay

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True Religion Kids

We were invited to a Shopping day and were given an outfit to review.
All opinions are 100% honest and our own.

Last month, we were invited to check out some seriously amazing styles for the kiddos to rock their Back To School season with our blogger friends and event host, Stroller In The City. We were ooh-ing and Awww-ing everything for boys and girls, from dresses to jackets and more! As a fun treat, we got to pick out which style we loved best and our choice was the…

Long Sleeve Raglan Tee in Moonshine and the True Religion Kids Casey Midnight Single End Jean in Bluelicious:

A little backstory, True Religion is an original brand that emerged in Los Angeles in the year 2002. I remember seeing all the kids and adults wearing their thick stitched jeans with that good ol’ “horse shoe” logo on the pockets. The brand is actually very well known for it’s amazing five needle thread at two stitch per inch process and for their Super T stich in the denim industry.

It was a rainy day today, but the style we chose still shined through. With the raglan tee’s lovely colors and coordination, my kid was easy to spot while we were out and about. The dark “Bluelicious” shade of the denim was an amazing color style that the brand chose to create because they know kids get dirty no matter what, so the jeans can actually hide a little something.

As you all may know, Gabs is an extremely tall 3 year old. Many people often confuse her for a 5 or 6 year old and I scream inside. Realistically there is nothing I can do about her height, but I HAVE to make sure I get her the right sizes in her clothing. I was very surprised with the stretch of these jeans! I’ve settled on ONLY getting my daughter jeggings or leggings so the stretch of these were a very big deal. The size 8 jeans with size 6 shirt fit amazingly and she still has space to grow in it!

Noticed the rolled up sleeves and Rolled up jeans? I love that it doesn’t take away from the style, but in fact creates a new one! True Religion kids is surely a brand I’m willing to invest in for quality outfits!

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True Religion for Kids?

32 thoughts on “Rock your Back To School style with True Religion for Kids! #SITCShoppingDay

  1. Seeing their collection, True Religion has absolutely fabulous fashion items. Their attention to detail like how they choose the dark shade of the denim with the reason you've mentioned (kids get dirty no matter what) is really attentive.

  2. This is beyond adorable! She is def owning True Religion. They have the most adorable clothing ever! I might just have to see if they have any deals going on?!

  3. Nothing like back to school shopping! This brand has adorable choices for kids and it's really something that I would go for because the clothes look super comfy!

  4. This clothing line is so adorable! Everyone is showing off their favorite brands and they almost always feature little girls and they are so adorable. I am glad to hear that this brand offers great quality clothing and she looks like she is rocking her style.

  5. The kids collections is just to die for. And your girl looks so pretty! I am so nostalgic I won't be going back to school 🙁 Just graduated in May and can't believe school is not in the calendar anymore lol

  6. I've noticed that those graphic t-shirts are so popular this year! I've always loved True Religion and it's great that there's a kids line available now too. Your daughter is adorable!

  7. So cute! I love that little outfit and your daughter works it! I'll have to check out this brand for my daughter. I had no idea they made kids' clothing.

  8. I didn't even know that True religion made clothes of kids! They are so cute and diverse too. I wonder if my son is big enough for them yet?!

  9. She's seriously the cutest, and I love me some True Religion! I need to start having babies so I can dress them up all cute, LOL! I can't believe back to school is upon us already, but they've had a long break so time to work!

  10. I love True Religion and these outfits are the cutest! I love dressing up little girls but the best part is they have cute stuff for boys!

  11. My kids are the same way and the traditional sizes never match with their ages, I am glad these jeans have extra room in them so they will last them more than one season.

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