Put a Focus On STEM with Educational Insights Design & Drill Power Play Vehicles!

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Educational Insights Design & Drill

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What is STEM? STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. The reason I LOVE Educational Insights products is because of the STEM focus that each and every one of their toys have! One of our favorite Toy lines from the company is the Design & Drill Power play line. With its electronic kid safe”drill”, the fun is ever lasting without any possibility of getting hurt. Here’s how the Design & Drill Power Play Monster Truck and Race Cars encourage the focus on STEM…

The Power Play vehicles encourage counting of the screws and pieces, as well as matching skills to see what piece or sticker would go where. The kids can also follow patterns, build on their construction and fine Motor skills, get creative and overall have fun learning. 

The Monster Truck set comes with everything needed for your child to build their very own Monster Truck, including the Kid-Safe power drill! Our power drill did have some sort of issue that I was quickly able to fix with Tape, but it may be that the included screw is too small to actually hold down the battery. Change the screw and all was good! 

Like the Monster Truck Set, the Race Car set included all the pieces required to build a pretty cool race car. The colors are super bright and sure to keep your kid’s attention for a while. I can say they the kids had so much fun creating their Power Play vehicles. It’s a Playdate must have!

The snap on parts are the easiest for the kids. They only required help in pre-screwing the screws so that they wouldn’t fall out when they tried to drill them. The quality of the vehicles are really amazing and sturdy compared to random cars on the market which contain Hollow spaces. Overall, we were very happy with our Vehicles and I’d highly recommend them.

To learn more about the Design & Drill Power Play Sets from Educational Insights, then check out their website: Educational Insights Design & Drill

Now here’s a cute short video of giggles and power Vehicle Drilling featuring to little toddlers! 

Which Design & Drill Power Play Vehicle from Educational Insights is YOUR Favorite?

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