Wii U : Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Edition

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Wii U : Disney Infinity 3.0 Star Wars Edition

I am a HUGE Disney Fan. I love and want all things Disney so when I was given the opportunity to review Disney Infinity 3.0, I jumped at the chance. Added Bonus? An awesome Star Wars Carrying Case for all our Figures, the portal, and discs! Let me fill you in on the Awesomeness…

Starting at $47 , you’ll get the Star Wars Starter Pack, which includes the Twilight of the Republic campaign Play Set, the game, Anakin Skywalker & Ahsoka Tano figures, and a USB base for your system. Rise Against the Empire and Force Awakens Play Sets are also available (separately) as part of the Star Wars awesomeness.

I had a lot of fun playing the Twilight of the Republic play set and I’d like to warn you that time will DEFINITELY fly by. After getting my gaming on for a bit, I went into the Toy Box. If you’re not aware, The Toy Box is a feature in the game that has absolutely NO RULES. You get to create and tear apart anything you want in the Toy Box world. The Toy Box hub area in 3.0 starts off as a colorless world. To get color you must talk to a few characters in the game and complete missions that they ask. The more you do, the more interactive worlds open to you.

I Love Disney Infinity and this game definitely fulfills your Disney obsession. (Just a bit). Inside Out’s Play Set is also available for all you emotional feeling havers who aren’t that into the Star Wars franchise.

One thing is for sure though… My Star Wars Disney Infinity Carry Case is AWESOME! It holds all my favorite Disney Infinity Figurines and also has a specific slot for the portal! I’d Highly Recommend This game and Carry Case for the Disney Gamer in your life!

Who’s Your Favorite Disney Infinity Character?

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