3 Step Eczema Skin Care Routine

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Eczema Skin Care

*I am NO Dermatologist. I am just sharing what has worked for us. You can try it for yourself and we’d love to hear your thoughts, tips or tricks. Please note that there is absolutely no guarantee that this may work for you since everyone is different. This Post may contain affiliate links. #EczemaSkinCare

For 3 years, I struggled with trying to find ways to care for my child’s Eczema especially in the Winter months. She has a mix between the scaly and bumpy kind of Eczema. We’ve tried Aveeno lotion, Eucerin, Jergens, and even plain ol’ Vaseline by itself and although good, nothing gave a lasting affect. Let me tell you all about the combination that finally worked for my daughter’s “Winter” Eczema Skin!

Her first doctor had prescribed her Hydracortisone 2.0% which is more of an extra strength anti-itch ointment which worked great for a while, until it felt like the eczema was becoming immune to it. We ended up switching her doctor because she wouldn’t take my word that it was no longer working, so her new doctor prescribed something stronger. Though it was working, I didn’t want the weird smell from it to linger on my child’s body nor did I want to apply it to my child’s face (which was discolored due to the eczema). I decided to try some experimenting.

Her Eczema on the cheeks and around eyes

I remembered hearing that Shea Butter was Amazing on the skin, but it had to be 100% Raw. I needed something that would soak into her skin and last while she was in school. I remembered that Vaseline soaked into the skin well if used right after a shower. I thought why not mix the two…

The Product was Skin Magic! That’s not an official name , but something my 3 Year old can ask for. The 100% Raw Shea Butter comes in a cardboard box and pretty much looks like a 16oz block of butter. To get some out I use a craft stick (Popsicle stick), then place it in my hand. I then scoop out some Vaseline with my finger (or you can use the craft stick) and put it in the same Hand as the Raw Shea Butter. It will be very greasy, but I’ve found that it doesn’t ruin any of Gabby’s clothing if I don’t have a chance to let her skin dry.

Skin MUCH clearer and Smoother

It’s seriously simple and works very well for our skin. The Steps we take to keep my child’s Eczema at bay this winter are as follows:

1) Bathe with a soap that contains oatmeal such as Aveeno. It’ll penetrate deeply into the skin and provide deep moisture.

2) Pat Dry! Do not rub so that you can leave some of the water and moisture on the skin for the last step.

3) Rub the 100% Raw Shea Butter and Vaseline in your hands, then apply (very generously) to the affected skin. Repeat after ever shower/bath.

In a Month, we saw a significant difference in both the feel of her and skin and a bit of the appearance! I must remind you again that all skins are different so what works for us may not work for you. 

Try this method out and come back to let me know how it went in the comments below!

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