BedGear For The Holidays!

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The holidays are times when family come together to enjoy each others company. It’s also when many kids write their lists to Santa and request the year’s hottest devices, toys, and clothes. But what about giving them something that you’re sure they’d use each and every night when they sleep? That’s where the Bedgear BG-X Kids Crush Performance Pillow comes in!

I was First introduced to the BG-X Kids Crush Performance Pillow at the (always memorable) MomTrends Holiday Event and Couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. When it arrived, I was surprised to see that the BG-X Kids came in it’s own carrying bag! A great thing when lugging them off to Grandma’s house for the weekend.

The size is 24″ x 27″. Perfect size for my toddler to sleep with. Not too big and not too small.  It features a DRI-TEC® 5.0 Fabric Surface which wicks away and heat and moisture to help your kids sleep cool and dry. Another great feature of BG-X Kids Crush performance pillow is it’s AIR-X Ventilated Panels. The 3D structure allows air to keep air flowing and moving heat from their head, neck, and shoulders while maintaining ambient temperature in the pillow’s core.

Did you know that having a cooler pillow ensures less tossing and turning so that you get a better night’s sleep? This pillow is the Cool-er pillow! I no longer hear my kid kicking or bumping into the headboard, guard rail, or side panel while she sleeps.

Oh… and it’s super easy to wash! Just zip off the washable Outer Cover. I know this isn’t the Hottest Toy, Technology, or clothing… but your kid will definitely thank you for that Great Night’s Rest . 

To check out the BG-X Kids Crush Performance Pillow and other great products, head to their Website. You can also Link with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Check out the site and tell me: 

Whats Your Pillow ID®?


Which BG-X Kids Crush Pillow is Right for your kid?

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