SOUFEEL Charm Bracelets make the perfect Gift!

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We’re at the final countdown to Christmas and many of you are still running around the city trying to find the perfect gift. If you aren’t running around the city, then you’re sitting on your behinds clicking away on the computer. If you’re shopping for a beautiful charm bracelet at an AFFORDABLE price, then check out SOUFEEL!

Being a low-income
parent (who’s recently lost their job), I’m not one who can easily afford a Pandora charm bracelet.
I’ve desired one since I first saw the commercial for it around 2003. I knew I’d probably never own one since I found it to be truly outrageous to pay
almost $100 for a charm! Collectors would be inclined to purchase
Pandora and they do make lovely gifts, but I’m happy with this more
affordable (Pandora Compatible) option!

is a jewelry company that makes beautiful charms, bracelets, rings,
earrings, and necklaces. I was given another chance to review a lovely
bracelet along with 6 Holiday charms of my choice and I couldn’t be happier. I’d already received tons of compliments for my Mother’s Day SOUFEEL charm bracelet, so It’s no surprise that my Holiday charms attracted the same attention. 

Though it comes from China, it arrived fairly quickly. If you order now and select DHL Express shipping, you’ll likely get it right after Christmas. I wouldn’t mind because the SOUFEEL charm bracelets make perfect gifts for Any occasion.

Here are the charms I chose:

1) Snowy Winter
Red ($20.00) to represent my love of the color red and snowflakes. This adorable Murano Glass Bead is round and has beautiful red color/sparkles inside, as well as what looks like drawn white snowflakes that make it pop!. It also
comes in Frozen Sea blue.


2) Snowy Winter Blue ($15.95) represents my Sapphire birthstone color! It looks just like the aforementioned Snowy Winter Red Murano Glass Bead, except it’s blue.


3) CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS ($12.95) Adorable! It’s 925 Sterling Silver and has little red stones around the top and dangling charms on the back that seemed like mini tassels.


4) Sleigh and Reindeer Set ($50.00) shows off Santa riding in his present filled sleigh and being pulled by a reindeer.
It’s the image many children associate with Christmas and I can say that my daughter really loves that one. 

*This counts as 2 charms since they detach from one another*

5) Christmas Penguin ($15.95) to represent my love of penguins! It’s the tiniest of all, but super cute.

And I must say, the price
of this set definitely beats all the competition. The charms came out to
be worth $114.85. There’s also some promotions going on like: Free shipping orders over $50, Free Charm with orders over $69,
and Free Charm Bracelet with orders over $99! No way the competition can beat that. They also
offer a 365-day return and exchange guarantee!

Overall, SOUFEEL
is an option you should definitely consider if you want a gorgeous Charm
Bracelet that wont break the bank. Even Pandora lovers will fall in love with the SOUFEEL Charms and bracelets. Own a Pandora, but want affordable charms? Then SOUFEEL can be your stop. I find the
overall quality to be very good and the pricing very reasonable. Aside
from the charm bracelets and charms, they have plenty of other interesting
items that will surely catch your eyes.

What Charms would YOU love to own?

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