It’s Never Who We Love, It’s How We Do It. #HowWeFamily

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Disclosure: I have received information from the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. #HowWeFamily #IC #AD

TYLENOL® is a trusted brand in our home. They help make us feel better when we are sick. This holiday season, TYLENOL® is going to celebrate all families and how they come together during this special time of the year. Did you know that nothing has mattered to TYLENOL® most than the well-being of our families? Yea, They’ve cared for us for over 60 years! To Celebrate families, TYLENOL® came up with the #HowWeFamily program. Let’s learn more about it shall we?

To celebrate all families, the TYLENOL® brand decided to create the #HowWeFamily program which believes that family is not about who you love, but how. We live in a Very Diverse world. Often times, people are judged based on WHO they love and that honestly should not matter! Whether love is between interracial families, same-sex families, adopted families, etc… It’s all about HOW you love.

The #HowWeFamily program showcases the stories of 11 REAL American families, including one from their lovely spokesperson Gabrielle Union, which can be seen at Take a moment and watch this video compilation of real moments from real families that showcase joy, laughter, surprise, and unconditional love:

Wasn’t that beautiful? It was so heartwarming to see all the different kinds of love present in a short 58 seconds. I teared at many moments in this video. Want to Know #HowWeFamily? We all come together on Christmas eve to stuff our bellies while joking and laughing. We follow that with dancing and “Bochinche”. Then at Midnight, we each open 1 gift. It’s a tradition we have and it’s always amazing.

Join the movement. 

Tell me How Do YOU Family?

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