Survival of the Cold & Flu with VICKS! #Giveaway

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Disclaimer: I was Invited to this event as media. All attendees received a Gift bag. 

Back in September, we were invited to a Vicks Sweet Dreams Adventure media event at Books Of Wonder in NYC. We got to check out some new Vicks products like the SweetDreams Cool Mist Humidifier & Smart Temp Bluetooth thermometer (<< Oh, I’m Giving one of these away), as well as some old favorites. 

We were handed a super cute passport book and told to check out all the stations for a stamp. The first station I stopped at was the Sweet Dreams table to learn all about the adorable new cool must humidifier for kids. It comes in Pink or blue and provides a wonderfully enchanting and soothing bedtime environment for them. No Filters needed, ultra quiet Operation and Projects 3 themes out of the top : Safari, Sea, and Starry Night. Each theme has 3 different slides making for 9 dream inspired images.

We were finally able to break ours out of the box last month when Gabby had a cold and it worked wonderfully. I actually started to turn it on a lot more, due to me learning that Cold air Humidifiers actually have lots of benefits for you such as Dry Nose, throat, skin and eye relief.

The next booth provided us with more info and details on the difference between all their Cool & Warm Humidifiers.

Third Booth was truly a Game Changer in the Thermometer community! Vicks introduced to us the amazing Smart Temp Bluetooth thermometer. 

You can seriously record each and every temperature you take of yourself or your child within the Smart Temp app. My daughter had a very bad Fever 2 weeks ago and had it not been for the Smart Temp thermometer, I wouldn’t have been able to provide the ER doctors with her Temperatures throughout the day. 

I was even able to let them know if she had any type of symptoms like sore throat, runny nose, etc. and how much medicine I had given her. Parenting is very hard work and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, but I AM HUMAN. Humans forget things. The Smart Temp Thermometer helped me out that tough week!

Note: I’d also like to request a moment of silence for my Thermometer…. I think the ER nurse may have thrown it away when Gabby threw up as it may have been “in the mix”. I need a new one ASAP!

The final booth was a section with fun animals! I touched the fur of a Chinchilla, hung out with turtles, and some others. Upon leaving, we received a great gift bag with all the common essentials we’d need for a Cold & Cough Survival kit. Just in time for this disastrously confusing weather we’ve been having here in NYC.

 One Lucky Winner will Receive their Very own Vicks Smart Temp Bluetooth Thermometer!

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  1. I love Vicks products and grew up on their vapor rub when I was sick as a child. I even got one of their humidifier when my own 3yr old was sick as a baby.

  2. I do love this as a humidifier. It has an adjustable dial for the amount of steam you want to come out. It is easy to clean. The pictures it projects are cute but not thrilling. I was kind of hoping they would move around the ceiling but even with being a bit disappointed in the pictures it is still a fabulous air humidifier.

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