Let’s Swim and Play with Captain McFinn! (App Review)

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Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play App. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

Have you ever heard of Captain McFinn? In case you haven’t, Captain McFinn & Friends is the brand that helps children become good people. (Don’t worry… Your parenting is still the #1 best!) The brand’s popular app is called Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play and I want to tell you what we thought of it!

Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app is super fun. Each day is a new adventure although it may seem like kids are swimming around the same animation. Nothing is ever quite what it seems. Each day, you’ll see this screen. Ain’t it great?

This brand is the ONLY children’s entertainment brand that features LIVE interactive guided play. Real, Live people, known as explorers, respond in real time to how your preschooler engages with Captain McFinn’s Undersea world. They are only Live between the hours of 10am-10pm, but do not be alarmed…All of the brand’s technology complies with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) guidelines. Your child’s personal identifiable info will not be captured.

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Gabby Loves fishes and when she saw the app, she got pretty excited. My little Preschooler quickly learned the navigation, where to find the videos, and how to play the games. As I sat next to her, I all of a sudden saw a lady on our screen. She was a Live Explorer! She actually said hi to Gabby (under a different name I have in the app. A few minutes later, she welcomed someone named Jackson and it became a little group playdate.
The Live Explorer invited us to search the undersea world to find an orange starfish that’ll take us to Inky’s Paint shop. She wanted the kids to draw what makes them happy.

When the live explorer wasn’t around, Gabby when into dress up game called Who Will I Be? It’s clear that gabby wanted her character to be a doctor, but one who wouldn’t leave her fishy friends behind. The mermaid tail was a hit with many of the costumes for Gabs.

My favorite game was the Swimphony. Gabby enjoyed creating her music (as did I). Check out her video below. 

The goal of Captain McFinn’s Swim & Play app, as well as the entire Captain McFinn brand, is to help preschoolers (children ages 3-5) learn social and emotional skills that they need to get along with others and be successful in school and life. Things like sharing and politeness, playing as a group, being thankful and most importantly, respecting others.

Overall, our experience with this app has been fabulous. We Love the atmosphere, the Live explorers, games and so much more. You’d be silly not to try it out.

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  1. How fun! It looks so colorful and engaging. Having a live explorer to interact with is definitely a unique experience. We'll have to check it out.

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