Gifts For Her: NuMe Signature Dryer

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I received these complimentary products in exchange for my honest
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Aside from my smile and personality, my hair is one of my greatest features! She’s hard to tame at times, but oh so versatile when I want to try new styles (or when it cooperates) I’m very skeptical when it comes to hair products, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about NuMe. Here’s what I thought about their Signature Dryer

I’d like to start by stating that the colors available are Gorgeous! I chose Blue since it matched my Sapphire Birthstone. It also happened to arrive precisely around my birthday. Only Black, Turquoise, and Pink are available at the moment, but be sure to check back for Purple and Blue.

OK now for the test. As I mentioned before, my hair is wild. Not many hair styling tools work for me, but the Signature Dryer is amazing! The amount of heat it gives of is great.

I purchased the NuMe detangling Paddle brush and used it with the dryer. To be honest I have no idea how to use the blower brushes. It’s difficult and annoying so I tested the detangling brush with the blow dryer and it worked great.

Everything takes patience and practice. I put the Blow Dryer on High heat and maneuvered the detangling brush through my thick wave. It was working! I know it’s absolutely incorrect to do it this way, but it worked for me. 

Here are some additional Specs about this NuMe Signature Dryer:

* 125 Volts 
* Two concentrators, different sizes 
* 1875 Watts 

* Ceramic 
* Negative ion technology 
* Infrared heat technology 
* 3-Temp heat/cool setting control 
* 2-Speed setting control 
* Cold shot button 
* LED light to display the stage of operation 
* Incredible weightlessness effect 
* 60HZ
Powerful AC Motor 

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