Flashback Friday: Disney’s Frozen Themed Party Ideas

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Disclaimer: I’d Like to give a special thanks to the different companies that provided us with different snacks, drinks and even the outfits to make this party amazing! All Ideas are my own and I’m happy to share it with you. 

 It’s Flashback Friday! I wanted to give you some insight on how we decorated a fun, cute, and SUPER SIMPLE Frozen Birthday Party. The Main Frozen party decorations consisted of Blues, Whites, & Silver. Our main character decorations were Elsa and Olaf. Here’s how else we decorated…


It’s Not really a party if there are no invitations! Well, that’s not entirely true, but in my family it is. We are a LARGE family, both dad’s side and mine. The invitation is special. It makes our guest feel thought of. I decided to make our Disney’s Frozen invites using publisher like I did last year. Size charts included again! The only difference this year aside from theme was that the invite was now vertical and did NOT include a picture. I was seriously tired of seeing all the Frozen invites with little girls releasing “snowballs” from their hands. Though adorable, I needed ours to be different. And It Was!

Wall Decor

We Started off with a plastic Winter Sky backdrop along the top part of the wall and a Snowscape backdrop along the bottom. Connected in the middle and it gave the illusion of a wintery outdoor party. I had my super tall hubby use our super hot glue-gun and add just 1 dot to the edges of the backdrops to keep em up since tape may not hold. For added fun, we used silver, blue, and white gift bows to make “Snowflakes” falling along the wall. 


I decided that the cake table would look great in a corner. I covered the table in a blue table cloth, then added a sheer white one over it with snowflakes. The pic above shows the gifts under the table, But we later decided to just push them back towards the wall and just have it look like a table over snow.

To Make Elsa’s “Castle”, I used Cardboard and cut out a castle shape. “Snapped” the cardboard to make it curve the way I wanted it to. I glued stretched out Cotton balls to the back of the cardboard. Then I flipped it over and used blue rock candy to create an Ice effect on the front of the Castle. 

My Mom baked the beautiful Dominican cake and covered it with Fondant. (You can find more of my mom’s cakes on her Instagram, @Cakes_By_JC.) I was In charge of the creativity factor. I purchased fondant cutters in the shape of snowflakes. I decided to Incorporate Olaf into the cake by putting him in the cake cowl with “Snowballs” surrounding him. It was truly a hit! Hitting CVS after Christmas and New Years worked wonders for me since I got everything wintery for 90% off! 

Treat Table

For the treat table that would later hold Cookies, Chocolate dipped Oreo, and a Cupcake Ferris Wheel, we used a snow blanket that would go around the bottom of a Christmas tree. With 2 packs, I was able to cut each of them in half to cover the entire table. If you notice, it looks like waves of snow. 

Over the snow blankets, I sprinkled some “icicles” and snowflake confetti to make it seem like one of Elsa’s tables at home! I wish I could find the photo of the finished table, but someone didn’t send me the pictures!! 

Guest Table

I decided on the pattern of Round, Rectangle, Round and it looked great. We purchased silk table cloths and although a bit pricey, they can be reused for plenty of parties. You get your money’s worth. I sprinkled “icicles” along the tables as well as snowflake confetti. In the Center was an adorable Olaf Beanie Baby sitting next to a Glass vase which we filled with 3 adorable “Snow Flake Wands”, A Snow Queen sequin mask, and Crowns/Tiaras that the kids were able to color in themselves. 

Party Food

We LOVE to cook for our parties! We make Pernil (pork), Chicken, different types of rices, plantain platters, and much more. I know many parents like to get super creative and make themed foods, but being that we didn’t have much space for cutesy things, we stuck to regular food which is just as delicious. Aquaball generously sent us about 6 cases of Aquaball drinks for the kids. The fun Disney characters engaged the kids. PERFECT alternative to any soda or juices. Win-Win and no Hyper kids.

Pirate Booty sent us a box of their puffy snacks and honestly, the kids loved it. Cheesy Goodness and the puffed snacks actually matched the color scheme.
ZIPZ wine graciously sent us a case of these personal Wines! The adults were all the rage for it. Being that it was a child’s party, I decided not to give these out until the end of the party. It was more like an adult “Take-home goodie”. 

Party Fun

I played the Entire Disney Junior Shuffle part 1 and 2 albums for the duration of the party. Threw in some Frozen songs and a few Non-Explicit Spanish and English songs. We played musical chairs, babies slept, and The kids used the “rock climbing wall”, as a bouncy tunnel. Too much excitement was had until the wall popped. It happened at the end of the party so it did great as a 5 hour play area. 


It was soooooooooooooooo Simple dressing up my real life doll for a Frozen themed birthday party. I came across a site called WonderfulDress.com and I fell in LOVE! I reached out and they were super wonderful in sending me the Turquoise Satin and Sequin Combination with Organza Girl Dress and the Turquoise Sparkling Tutu skirt! To match the skirt, I went with a Dancers Leotard in white and a Blue Ombre Jean jacket that I got for $4 in a Children’s Place Clearance sale! I’d highly recommend you go and check it out for your child’s next big day! 

Piñatas & Goody Bags

For Gabby’s 1st Mickey Mouse Club House/ Classic Minnie Party, her Piñata was Toodles. For this Frozen 2nd Birthday I didn’t want to make a castle nor Olaf since they were already part of the decor. I went with a simple Number 2 shaped Piñata decorated with Silver and Glittery Duck Tape. I also made some Hot Glue Gun snow flakes, painted them blue & teal, Cut out some paper crafts, and glued it all on the Piñata. It looked Wonderful. 


I decided to use Microsoft Publisher to create the “designs” for the front of the Goody bags and boxes. It takes some practice, but you”ll get the hang of it really quick. All the notes said “Gabriella Thanks You”. Inside were trinkets and toys, along with hair stuff for girls and balls for the boys. 

That’s a Spinning/ singing Candle on the cake =)

That was Year 2 of Us showing our #DisneySide with a Disney Themed party! 5th Disney Party total in the past 2.9 years (lol) I Can’t wait to show you what year 3 is going to bring (Though shockingly may NOT be Disney). 

How do You Show your Disney Side? 
Have a Frozen Party coming up?

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  1. WOW!! You are creative and dedicated to creating magical birthday memories. We have been too a few frozen themed birthdays, your attention to detail is exciting.

  2. That's a really awesome cake, your mom is definitely good at what she does. I love the Olaf squeezed in too, very adorable. The whole party is very well put together, you did a great job! And her outfits are so beautiful, just like her!

  3. What a beautiful dress- so original, different than the other Elsa dresses. Amazing party- the kids look like they had such a wonderful time.

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