GRAB THE TISSUE… Walt Disney Pictures Is On!

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If you Haven’t seen The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Beauty & the Beast, Pocahontas, or Toy Story 3 then please be aware that this post does contain Spoilers!


The Lion King, Big Hero 6, Frozen, UP, Wall-E, Tinkerbell
and the legend of the Neverbeast, Toy Story 3, Dumbo, Bambi…. What do
all of these and many other Walt Disney Movies have in common? They tug
at your heartstrings and make you cry like a baby!

since I was little, I’ve always been a Disney Baby. I used to come home
from school and watch Pocahontas or the little Mermaid everyday . I’d
reenact the scene by myself and recite each and every word. One thing
that Disney has been consistent of (aside from making great movies and
animated shorts) is making its viewers Cry!
There’s absolutely no possible way that I can watch a Disney Movie with out tissues. Here’s a few Scenes I just can’t deal with unless I have a box a tissues:

The Lion King


The beginning was Beautiful and so magical in every way. Scar was a horrible person at first meet indeed, but nothing at all prepared me for Mufasa’s death… How could his OWN brother just do that to him? Let him plummet to his death upfront of Simba. Why did Mufasa have to die in that stampede, Disney? I felt the Pain through Simba in that scene. But I didn’t realize how much it would hurt to watch after my own father passed. It makes me cry to even write this. Darn you Disney! You got me again.

Big Hero 6


Why? Why was Tadashi such a great person yet the first one to die? He could’ve lived a bit longer. And why couldn’t you just let Baymax Rocket out with Hiro? Why did Baymax’s thrusters have to get destroyed, Disney? No matter how many times I watch that scene and know the outcome, I still cry.



She didn’t want to marry Kocoum… John Smith was definitely reasonable enough for her. Shot by someone from your own side (though not on purpose) can be very traumatic.

Inside Out


Disney really did an amazing job on this one. They put all of my emotions together in one film , but sadness was clearly my bff through it all. I mean come-on, it went from me singing “Who’s the friend who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong” to “who’s the friend who disappeared? Bing Bong, Bing Bing”. Darn you Disney for making Bing Bong one of Riley’s forgotten thoughts! *Still a great movie*

Toy Story 3


Yes Toy Story 1 and 2 always make me shed some tears, but boy oh boy did part 3 have me wanting to jump into the screen to help my long time animated friends survive that firey pit of Doom! Tell Me Disney… Why did you make us think Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang were falling to their molten hot end? There were much more sad moments, but I’ll let you decipher those.

Beauty & The Beast


This Movie had way too many sad events happen in poor Belle’s life. Her Father is very ill and gets harassed , then kidnapped. The story of the living house furniture along with Mrs. Teapot, Chip and the rest of the fun gang is unusually sad. Then there’s Beast. I was so afraid to watch this movie alone as a child because Beast is frightening. At the End, I just couldn’t deal…. I definitely cried.

Why make us cry, Disney? Is it because you’ve made
us Love you? Yea, that’s it. You’ve made us all LOVE Walt Disney Pictures and the
amazing concept of family that you all share within your feature films.
Anytime I watch a Disney
movie I feel like you’ve made me a part of the family. You’ve included
me in the joy, happiness, fun, and entertainment of each film. It’s
great and just wouldn’t feel real if the waterworks weren’t there.

I know that I missed a WHOLE lot of movies, but trust me when I say I’ve cried through them all. All in all, Walt Disney Pictures will always get my money. Whether the movie is in theater or on DVD/Blu-Ray.

I don’t believe that I’m alone on this so Let us know what Disney movie was the biggest Tear-Jerker for you! 
Leave it in the comments below.

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