DIY Halloween BOO Kits Tutorial and Spooky Treat Recipes with MARS/Wrigley!

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Hey Everyone, It’s almost Halloween!! What better way to
get everyone in the spirit than by crafting “BOO kits” for your
neighbors and Haunted Graham Houses decorated in Wrigley Candy. Why not have a yummy float using your
favorite Mini Soda after all that crafting. You can even enter to win $1000 Walmart eGift Card!  I’m here to show you how…

I grabbed the family and headed out to Walmart on a weird
and rainy day. We set foot inside and it was actually a ghost town
(a.k.a. NO LINES!!) I walked my way over the the candy aisle and grabbed
a huge 315ct. bag of my favorite Wrigley Halloween candy. It has 2
different flavors of SKITTLES®, two flavors of STARBURST®, and even
gummy LIFESAVERS®. Candy Heaven? Yes!

After Grabbing my Candy, I headed to the Beverage section
and heard the monsters calling me from within the can. They were
screaming “Let Me Outta Here”. I grabbed a Mini Halloween 6-pack of
Sunkist® and of Canada Dry Ginger ale. Perfect drinks to BOO your
friends. Now Let’s get Crafting.

BOO Kit:

First we’ll need the following:
* Halloween pail or small box
* Bag of MARS or Wrigley Halloween Candy
* Halloween Trinkets or DIY Halloween stuff
* “You’ve Been BOO’d” card and sign (Available for FREE here)
* 8oz 6pk of any flavored soda in the Halloween Can.
* Black Tissue paper 
**Optional: Cheese cloth

1) Grab your pail or small box, and Insert the Black Tissue
Paper. You Don’t want to put it completely flat, just a little fluffed
up. You can put a Little or a lot depending on how much you want to put
in. **Optional:You place a piece of ripped Cheesecloth on the black
tissue paper to make it a bit more spooky.

2) Pour some of the Mars or Wrigley Halloween candy on your
station and Mix it up with whatever Halloween trinkets you have (If
Any), then throw it in the pail or box.

3) Grab 1, 2, or a few of the 8oz Halloween Cans and place then in the pail or box as well.

4) Don’t forget to Print your Free “You’ve Been BOO’d
Cards and signs so that your neighbors, friends, or family know the
instructions to #BOOitForward. Place the card and sign in the Pail or
box (surround it by more candy If you want)

  1. Cut out this “We’ve been BOO’d” sign.
  2. Fold the “You’ve been BOO’d” greeting card (page 2) and tape openings together.
  3. Include the card and sign when gifting BOO bundles.
5) Last, but not least… You Place it in front of
someone’s door, ring the doorbell and run. (Kind of Like
Ding-dong-ditch) It’s Fun, Playful, and will show your neighbors that
someone cares. Maybe they had a long day and your BOO kit made them feel
great. You just never know.

Halloween Graham Crackers and Candy House:

You’ll Need:
* Graham Crackers
* MARS and/or Wrigley Candy
* Serrated Knife
**Optional: Sugar and Skillet

1) First you’ll need to lay out 4 Graham crackers.
Grab your serrated Knife and use a saw-like motion to cut through two of them. Two of
your pieces should look like the picture below . (Don’t worry about
mistakes. It took me 3 tries to finally get it right.) The other 2
pieces should be cut in half to create 2 squares for a total of 4.

2) For this step, you can either melt some MARS chocolate
in the microwave to use as “Glue” or place some Sugar on a skillet and
let the heat do its job. Either one works perfectly as candy glue.

3) Dip both Sides of piece A in your preferred glue and
immediately stick on pieces B and C. Then generously dip both sides of D
in your candy glue and stick to the open end of the house. Allow to dry
for about 2 Minutes .

4) Once your house is dry, dip The entire top of the house
in your chocolate or Sugar Sugar mix and apply the remaining pieces as
the roof.

5) Add your candy decor and Voila ! You’re all done…

Teenie Tiny Spooky Float

You’ll need :
* One 8oz Mini Halloween Can of 7UP® , Sunkist® , Canada Dry, or A&W®
* Vanilla Ice cream

1) Choose your soda and pour it in a small glass .

2) Add a Scoop of Vanilla ice cream, then let it sit for a few Seconds. Add a straw and enjoy!

There you have it… Fun crafts and Yummy treats for everyone to eat. You can save $2.00 on on ONE (1) 6pk 8oz Cans or TWO (2) 2L and 2 bags of Mars® Candy by going HERE. Don’t Forget to enter the Sweepstakes to win $1000 Walmart eGift Card! Be Sure to Check out other fun BOO kit ideas.

What will YOU be BOO’ing this Halloween

What fun and spooky Halloween recipes do you make?
Post it in the comments below!

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  1. How creative! I am loving that graham cracker house. I just might have to try that with Madison. She might eat it before we finish making it though. 🙂

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