5 Helpful Tips For Toddler Moms Returning to Work!

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Let me start off by apologizing to my readers for disappearing the past month and a half. It takes a lot of work to create a wonderful post thats great to read, as well as edit pictures that are beautiful to see. My reason for me going MIA is that I started working outside of the Home. I thought working outside of the Home would be a piece of cake with kids, but working while having a toddler is a lot more difficult than I expected. Like many parents, my first thought was What do I want to do? That brings me to my first tip . . .

1) Get A Job You Actually Like !

I Know many people who get Jobs and end up Miserable because it wasn’t something they liked or even enjoyed coming to on a daily basis. I never imagined working in any Job outside of a 9-5 , but I had to do what was best for me and my little Family at the time. Thankfully I enjoy the company of my fellow coworkers making it a pleasure to come In to work.

2) Find A Reliable Sitter !

There is nothing worse than having a sitter who you can not rely on when you need them most. Yea she’s my Kid, but I’m trying to work and make a better life for her . I can’t do that if I can’t rely on you to take care of my precious cargo a few hours a day ,a couple of days a week! As soon as you start working , have your preschool or daycare picked out so you can fill out paperwork as soon as Possible. I’ve seen all the horrible news about daycare workers and completely understand if you are a little skeptical because I was too! Thankfully I know and trust her future takers because they were once my own. It makes transition to school a bit Easier.

3) Make Time For your Tot

You may ask yourself “Will I be able to spend time with my kid like before? Can I sneak them into work with me?”… the answer to those two questions are NO! I nearly cried on my first day of work being that I left before gabby woke up and got back after she had fallen asleep. For her first two years of life I had spent all my time around her unless I was out at a blogging conference or Non-kid friendly event. I realized I had to Make the Most out of every little free time or day off I had. She’s a toddler, People. It’s so simple to entertain them! We have the Super awesome Gazillion Bubble Monsoon Machine and 30 minutes of bubble fun felt like a whole entire day of Mommy-Daughter time.

4) Trust your Partner

It took two to create that precious being that you call your child so it helps a lot to trust your partner with care-taking while you aren’t around. Don’t criticize his skills since it’ll make him Feel unwanted , unappreciated , and it’ll put a strain on your relationship… If your child’s still alive and well, then Dad is obviously doing something right!

5) Food Prep

Food prep is so Important when you become a working parent again. Not only will you save Money on your lunch break, but you’ll know what your family Is eating while you aren’t there … for the most part. When I actually have time,I like to create 2-3 days worth of food for me to take to work. My toddler is a super picky eater so Lipton soup, spaghettis , and plain rice are on her meal plan.

There you have it. My 5 tips for when I returned to work! I hope you found them useful and would love to hear your tips and/or opinions on the subject. Leave your comments below!

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  1. Congrats on your new job! Working outside of the home, caring for a toddler and trying to create quality content on your blog regularly is no easy task. Make sure to make time for you as things get hectic. Great tips, meal planning is a life saver

  2. I will be heading back to work soon after having four children over the past, many, years and I am very nervous about it! I can't imagine re-entering the workforce after so many years but it's time!

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