Who says your Toddler can’t look fashionable at home? 10/7

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Ever have plans, Get you and your child dressed, then find out you aren’t going anywhere? Well that’s what happened to us yesterday… However, being that my daughter has clothes exploding out of her hamper, dresser, and closet I decided to leave her outfit on. I mean who says your child can’t look fashionable at home?

After 13 shots, these 3 were the only decent ones! Here’s the list and links of what she wore:

  • Purple/Hot Pink Bow from Walmart
  • Faded Glory Dress (turned Tunic Like many of her other dresses)
  • Glitter Dot Leggings by The Children’s Place
  • Boots by Nina Shoes (NLA on site, but follow link to similar style)

What’s Your Toddler’s Home Fashion?

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  1. She is really rocking that outfit. The boots are adorable. Our daughter would love to wear that cute ensemble. She is ready for any little friends who may happen to stop by!

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