Paw Patrol Toys Made a Hot Summer Debut! #Review #SpinMastertoys

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 Disclaimer: I was sent the below mentioned product(s) in exchange for an honest
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Have you heard of the adorable Nick Jr. show filled with rescue hero puppies called Paw Patrol? If you haven’t, don’t fret…. I hadn’t heard of it much either up until a couple months ago! Paw Patrol has been somewhat of a “hidden” favorite new show with toddler & preschoolers. Back in July, I attended the Blogger Bash / Sweet Suite 2014 Blogger conference where I got the chance to talk to a few Spin Master Reps about their awesome toys!

At blogger bash, the reps were nice enough to give me the Paw Patrol On-A-Roll Marshall and Firetruck along with Action pack pup Skye (who my daughter loves to hide), My Sweet Suite Swag Box contained the Cute Ryder Paw Patrol racer, and Spin master Sent me the ADORABLE Real Talking Marshall Plush to facilitate this review.

This summer, Spin Master rolled out the very first Paw Patrol toys. Let’s start with the Real Talking Marshall. My Gabs LOVES Puppies so I was very excited to receive this plush. She immediately claimed it as hers. She alternates between cuddling to sleep with Marshall and one of her doll babies.

The Real Talking Marshall is an interactive plush pup based on the hit series Paw Patrol‘s fire dog, Marshall. Paw Patrol is all about the adventures of six heroic pups led by their human friend, 10-year-old Ryder. In this series each of the pups has a pup pack on their back for their
super-canine problem solving powers. The plush Marshall
comes complete with a power pack on his back as well!

When you give him nice big hugs his pup badge lights up and you’ll hear him
bark or speak catch phrases from the show such as my favorite, “I’m all fired up!” Marshall’s fabric body is surface washable! He comes with
three button cell batteries included. You’ll be glad to know
that there is an on and off switch for those times when you prefer quiet
time or just don’t want to hear his catch phrases for a while.

Paw Patrol racers come in a variety of characters…we have Ryder, which is a 4 Wheeler
with the matching character the kids can push around on the floor and race. Although the characters of the racers cannot be
removed from it’s vehicle, it does provide endless hours of entertainment for the kids as they discover different “Terrains” to race on.

Lastly, is Paw Patrol On-A-Roll Marshall! This toy is so cool! It brings Marshall with his Pup Pack that opens up with the push of his tiny Pup badge to reveal his water hose jets. When you place Marshall in the fire truck and press down, it converts from a
doghouse to a siren blaring Fire truck just as it does on the Nick Jr. show.

Gabs Loves watching Paw Patrol with Marshall’s Truck!

Paw Patrol toys by Spin Master
are a hot item with the Tots and preschoolers right now and I’m pretty sure they will become an event hotter toy closer to Christmas Time. Head over to Amazon,
Toys R Us, Walmart, Target or other retailers and purchase these
loveable characters for the Paw Patrol lovers in your life! Your kid will have fun recreating his or her
favorite scenes from Paw Patrol. Head over to Spin Master’s Paw Patrol page for fun games, videos, and more.

Be sure to follow Spin Master on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on their newest products and promotions.

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  1. I've never heard of Paw Patrol, but it sounds like something my toddler would love. He's crazy about dogs, calling them "arf arfs." The Real Talking Marshall looks so cute!! Great for the holidays 🙂

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