Chuck E Cheese Play Wear! #ToddlerFashion 8/31

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Our first plan was to head out to the park with a friend of mine and her child, but after checking the forecast that idea got pushed away. We decided to go someplace indoors where our kids could run around like tiny maniacs… Chuck E Cheese was the right choice!

Gabby’s Outfit of the day consisted of Blue Tunic with Zebra Design by Baby Togs Kidwear Co., Ruffle Ankle Black Leggings by Rare Editions, Smiley Socks by RUUM Kidswear, and Air Jordan 4 Retro Girl’s Black/Vivid Pink-Dynamic Blue-White sneakers.

It was Such a hassle to get her to stand still for a picture, so please excuse any blurriness.

I would usually show off the back of her outfits, but this adorable tunic had nothing really special other than a Keyhole where the single button closure is.

It was a Very fun day and I’m very glad I chose this outfit for her today. The sneakers had her comfortable as she was running all over the place. Many times she would head towards the games and sit down or push buttons as if she knew what she was doing. Cleqarly the picture below lets you know how exhausted these kids were.

Have You been to Chuck E Cheese? If so what do you have your child wear?

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  1. So cute! My daughter loves zebras so she would love that top! We have a few Chuck E. Cheeses here, just haven't taken the kids yet-probably will soon…

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