Dress Turned into a Tunic? Gabby’s Toddler Fashion 8/28/14

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Disclaimer: I did not receive any samples or compensations for this post; I purchased each item or received them as gifts from Friends.

Today we went to the park to enjoy some final days of summer! Check out What Gabby Wore Today…

Gabby Wore a Dress from Yang Guang Tian Shi Kids, Children’s Place Leggings and Children’s Place ‘Mary Janes’!

I am the type of parent that Likes to Stretch the life of clothing. Whether it’s by refashioning or simply wearing it in a different way! Gabby is a TALL Child (Thanks to her daddy) which means many dresses out grow her Lengthwise before it does Width-wise. Today, This adorable cotton Denim and Tulle dress was worn as a Tunic!

I just completely adore The colorful leggings and the see through shoulders of the tunic turned dress! I wasn’t worried about her getting to hot because 1) it was a bit chilly today. and 2) Their is cotton under the tulle skirt! She was very comfortable. Now let’s check out the back…

Two strips a tulle are attached to the sides so that you can tie a tulle bow in the back. the Tulle on the back just looks great with that light denim! I’m so glad that aside from this denim and peach piece, I purchased the Denim and White as well.

Well, That was Today’s Toddler fashion!  

What do YOU love to dress your Kids in?

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