Sweet Suite 2014 Recap Part 2… #SweetSuite14 #BBNYC

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Continued from Part 1

I will now be bringing you part 2 of Sweet Suite Recap to show you more of the fun and
entertainment that was had on the first day of  #SweetSuite14 in NYC! If you missed it in Part 1, Sweet Suite was Basically the ONE day where all the
adults could act, run, ride and Play around like children! And of course, I wanted to bring the Hot New Toys home with me. By Mid day my Feet were so sore, but that would not stop me from checking out the rest of the Amazing toys that are either out in store now, or coming soon for the holiday season!

I checked out some Our Generation Dolls from BATTAT! I LOVED the horse back riding doll, Lily Anna. With Her stylish Outfit and beautiful horse, who wouldn’t make her a favorite. These Dolls are SUPER affordable 18″ Dolls that have prices ranging from $21-$40! That’s great for a child who wants an AG doll, but isn’t quite old enough to really take care of the more expensive Doll.

The Little Woodzeez  playsets from Battat are adorable little woodland Creatures. Lil’ Woodzeez come as Family sets which include a Mom, Dad, sister OR brother, and a Baby! Also available are Momma & Baby sets. The details are very adorable and very unique. The families each come with their very own story book as well!

The next booths we went to had an Adorable Hello Kitty and Olaf Plush that had little suction cups on their hands and feet. You were to place the plush on a window or in their stand and they’d dance to your Music! How fun is that? A new Toy that will be coming out for the #Holiday2014 Season is the Remote control Palace Pets Puppy! Only Cinderella’s puppy, Pumpkin, will be out in stores for now…. At the Next Booth was a really nice magnetic constructive set. The pieces are big enough for toddler hands to hold and play with. They also had some very fun travel puzzles that really test your IQ.

As we walked towards the biggest Studio in the place we had no choice but to pass right by the bar. We were able too help ourselves to some Premium Single serve Wine by Zipz or a deliciously strong LemonHead Martini!

Aside from the Lalaloopsy color me doll that I spoke of in Part 1, Lalaloopsy also showed us their Lalaloopsy Tinies Collection. They are tooooooo Cute! In the same area were the Moxie Girlz dolls. Moxie Girlz are really cute dolls! Some even come with Poopsy pets that poop Glitter, rainbows, Striped poop, Bamboo pieces, or Jewels! (Cutest poop I’ll ever see)

There were so Many Brands in Attendance that I was literally timing my conversations to be sure I spoke to everyone! #CreativityForKids , #Telebrands, #UncleMiltonToys, #McFarlaneToys, #LittleLivePets, #Beados, #Lego !!

Check out my candy “BowTie” from SugarWishGirl!

We Even got to Decorate some Cool Lunch bags using Crayola‘s New Airbrush machine, stencils, and Crayola Fabric Markers!

I love art, so this was the highlight for me!

So Many Products, so little Time!! Enjoy These last few pictures!

Cute Toys, Yummy Chicken and Puppies… I LOVE PAW PATROL!!

 Check out this friendship doll and pet from Lum Lums… They Glow!!

It was so much fun creating relationships with brands that I’ve always Loved, as well as meeting New people and making New friends!

Which of these amazing toys will be on YOUR Holiday Shopping List?

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