Parties are the Perfect Excuse for Fashion Statements! #ToddlerFashion

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Today we went to a small family get together for Gabby’s cousin! We cut a cake, ate some food, had some candy, and played all day! What perfect outfit for a kid’s Party than this adorable H&M number?

Today, Gabs wore an H&M Organic cotton Polka dot onesie, a Pink H&M Skirt overall with colorful buttons and Heart shaped pockets, An adorable Headband from The Children’s Place, and Adorable Pink Sarena Shoes from Nina Shoes!

I Love the Bright Pink color on her and the Headband was perfect since it contained a bit of green like one of her buttons.

I Love that this Overall can be paired with any type of onesie or shirt! Just wait for my Next mix-up that features this overall again.

We can’t end this post without me showing you the back…

Cris-Cross Straps!

Hope You enjoyed today’s Toddler Fashion! What part of this outfit did YOU like?

0 thoughts on “Parties are the Perfect Excuse for Fashion Statements! #ToddlerFashion

  1. Thank You Tasia! The inner soles are VERY comfy! I tried to put low-top converses on her with this ooutfit, but she would NOT have it! I had to put these on her. Thankfully they were a match.

  2. I love the hearts on the pockets and the color! My granddaughter is older now and I missed seeing her as a toddler. I would have bought her something like this. 🙂

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